This is a project where people way submit there coding. We have Clan coding and page coding, and sigs  and emoticons so far. People may request certion coding and people can submit coding as well!

More what this is aboutEdit

You can reqest to have a certion page coded, in any way to want. And you can ask for a sig done, or an emoticon. But you can't request who does it. Who ever has it completed first will do it. If you don't like it, you can ask for something changed. But please be kind about it, and don't be mean to other users. Thank you.


Leader: Wolf

Deputy: N/A

Older Warriors: N/A

Warriors: N/A 

Apprentices: N/A

Kits: MinkFlame


Here, you can request to have a page coded, or a sig done. Or an emoticon done, things like that.


This page is for answers for requests, and coding submitted.


NOTE:This user is ,Inactive and will likely not reply hereContect the other admins hereandhere

So, I tweaked the infobox which no one had edited, and this is it. So we might as well use it for an inactive template

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