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WeAreWarriors Wikia is a roleplay site based off Erin Hunters Warriors series. We don't have the perfect wiki, but we're always doing our best to make it better, and hey, that's what makes it fun! But before joining, please check out the Rules. If you have a question, ask a member of our Staff. And to join a group, simply go on the Join Roleplay page, but before you do, please check out the kitties up for Adoption!

We have three Clans; RockClan, CaveClan, and StormClan, read about them and join the one you like the most, or join them all! Not a Clan person? Check out our Loners & Rogues and Kittypets! They can even come into Clan territory and stir up trouble.

Are you new and feel a bit left out? Simply talk with any user and see if you can do your own side plot with them! This wiki also isn't just roleplay, it's also a fanfiction wiki! Please don't feel pressured to do anything, the most important part of this Wikia is to have fun and be creative. =)

Featured Character
Orchidbloom is a gray classic tabby she-cat. Orchidkit was born to two warriors in RockClan, where she continues to reside to this day. Her mother was an average warrior, but her father was one of the greatest, even a possible candidate for leader... Read More

Wikia Statistics

764 pages on the Wiki since August 8, 2015

43,859 edits made as of today 

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Roleplay Season

It's currently Greenleaf (1 - 15)

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