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Tanglelight is a small, sleek, fluffy gray she-cat with brown spots and green eyes.
Current Clan CaveClan
Cause of Death
Status Unknown
Names Kit: Tanglekit
Apprentice: Tanglepaw
Warrior: Tanglelight
Queen: Tanglelight
Mother Lavastep
Father Fernstorm
Siblings Shadowstreak

Half-siblings Stagpaw, Ashpaw (CC), Grasspaw

Mate Cardinalcloud (formerly)
Kit(s) Seakit, Lakekit, Mayflykit
Mentor(s) Fireclaw
Apprentices None
Stories Living
Stories Deceased
Owner Patchfeather



She is light and sleek with pale gray nearly silvery colored fur with brown spots that are an almost bronze color. She has long powerful legs and sleek fluffy fur.

She has wide eyes, making her see well in the dark, which are a light green. She is a normal height with a pink nose, pink ears and hard gray paw pads.


She is full of energy and loves to have fun. She is also kind and nice. She likes helping other cats and is sarcastic when it comes to chores and tries to get her sister to do them for her.

She likes bothering the older warriors. She also likes to make them watch her battle moves and hear their praises.

She is a very loyal cat. You can count on her if you ever need help or someone to talk to. Even if her wounds are killing her she still helps her Clanmates.


She is a very good hunter and even came up with her own hunting move. She runs around the prey at lighting speed to confuse it then she kills it.

She has mildly good fighting skills but not the whole best but she is swift in battle and is a pretty good cat to face in combat.


Kithood & AdolescenceEdit

She is first seen running up to Fernstorm and Fireblaze and asks if she could hunt with Fireblaze. Fireblaze agrees and they head off. Not long later, A battle breaks out in camp and Tanglepaw runs to help. Quillstar dies and Fernstorm is now leader. She tells Shadowpaw she thinks they will become warriors early and he would make them deputy. Later, Shadowpaw was out hunting with Viperclaw and she brought back some prey. Tanglepaw snatches the prey and eats it quick.

After Fernstar returns from getting his nine lives, he makes Starkclaw deputy. Tanglepaw is secretly upset about this but gets over it quickly. Starkclaw is grooming his fur by the river when Tanglepaw crashes into the water and splashes the deputy.


Coming Soon



Cardinalcloud (formerly): Deceased


Fernstorm: Living


Lavastep: Deceased


Shadowstreak: Status Unknown


Seapaw: Living
Mayflypaw: Living


Lakepaw: Living



Love InterestsEdit

Fireblaze: Tanglelight has had a huge crush on the tom for as long as she can remember. She stares at him a lot thinking about what would happen if they did become mates, though Fireblaze will end up breaking her heart. She got over him quickly and moved on.



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Character PixelsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • I've always kinda shipped her with Darkstorm
    • i knew it >:)

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