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Current Clan RockClan
Age 52 moons at death
Cause of Death Killed by Winterfall
Status Deceased
Names Kit: Talonkit
Apprentice: Talonpaw
Warrior: Talonfang
Rogue: Talonfang
Leader: Talonfang
Mother Moonflower
Father Venomwhisper
Siblings Creekfrost, Blue, Galaxystorm
Mate Infernoheart (formerly), Shredclaw
Kit(s) Stormstar, Mallowkit, Dazzlekit, Waterdrop, Ashstorm, Kestrelkit

Foster: Runningstrike

Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentices Flash, Unnamed cat, Swiftbird, Frecklefur
Stories Living
Stories Deceased
Owner Patchfeather

Talonfang is a tall, broad-shouldered, smokey gray mottled she-cat with a thick ring of fluff around her neck and large pale green eyes.



Talonfang is tall, taller than most she-cats, with broad-shoulders and strong muscles. She has long, very thick fur, if she would to be in battle, her coat would protect her from most claws.
She has an even thicker ring of fluff around her neck. Her pelt color is a medium gray color with darker flecks that focus mostly around her back, neck, shoulders, head, and tail. She has slightly lighter fur on the underside of her body.
Her pelt is always sleek and well-groomed. She takes good care of it.She has the body of a fighter and a hunter, both broad and slender. She has large paws with thorn-sharp claws. Her ears aren't as large as most cats. She has a bit of a narrow muzzle.

She has large pale green eyes, and a dark gray nose.


Talonkfang is her own leader, she takes no ones bull-crap but her own. If someone tells her to do something, she'd probably spit on them. She only listens to her own orders, she is a born leader. She is very bold and cunning as well. She is loyal to her kill, she'd kill for them with tooth and claw, she is as well loyal to her Clanmates, if they aren't barking orders at her.
She doesn't care about anyone's feelings, if she's hurt her Clanmates, then oh well for them, Talonfang would probably eat crow-food before saying sorry, along with admitting she's wrong, or having to say thank you.
But she does have a softer side, if she does like someone, she is fericely protective of them and will support them no matter what, unless they are being idiots, then she'll just throw them in a lake. But if she is friends with someone, she'd love them deeply and even be remotely playful.
If someone tries flirting with her, she'd want to rip their thoats out. She is can also be quite defensive, she as well, acts like everyone else is an idiot (if they are) She is very clever and uses commen-sense and usually thinks things through before rushing into battle. If you tell a joke to her she'll probably just stare at you blankly (unless she likes you, then she'll cackle her tail off). She also laughs at herself a lot.


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Kithood & AdolescenceEdit

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Coming Soon



Shredclaw: Deceased
Infernoheart (formerly): Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Waterdrop: Deceased
Dazzlekit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Stormstar: Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Mallowkit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Kestrelkit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Ashstorm: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)

Foster Son:

Runningstrike: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Unnamed she-cat: Status Unknown


Venomwhisper: Status Unknown


Cloverstrike: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Shadowdancer: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Foster Mother:

Frostshine: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Foster Father:

Sharptalon: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Creekstar: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Dazzleheart: Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Frostfire: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Scorchclaw: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)
Hazelriver: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Darkfrost: Living (As of StormClan/Roleplay)
Meadowbee: Living 
Fennelkit: Living


Blazeheart: Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Nightshade: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)
Sharpstone: Deceased, Verified StarClan member



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Quotes Edit


Life Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • I have a feeling she cheated on Shredclaw and their kits are some other toms kits... draaaamaa!
  • She has Siberian and Oriental ancestory.
  • Talonfang reminds me of a bobcat.
  • I picture her having a bunch of flings and killing most of them. She also probably has a ton of kids out there, lurk'in around... plotting to destory RC...
  • I have no idea if Talonfang broke her curse or not. I'm gonna go with yeah.
  • Her favorite kit was Stormstar!
  • I honestly think she forgot she even had kids after she went crazy.
  • She was the founder of StormClan, giving it the name HiddenClan.
  • When Talonfang was HiddenClan's leader, she trained rogues who were members to be ruthless blood-thristy creatures, and was set on destorying RockClan as revenge, then enslaving the ones who lived.
  • She was my second rp cat ever, and my first RockClan cat.
  • She was at first going to be a tom.
  • Before I decided to make her evil, and have them be siblings, I was thinking about having Creekfrost and her becoming mates... (ew)
  • Talonfang's personality is lightly based on my cats, who's named Lily. (more like needle)
  • I have a feeling Talonfang wasn't really killed by Winterfall, just got knocked out. If that's the case, who knows where she is now.

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