Rules Edit

  • Please give credit to whoever came up with the story name if you decided to use it
  • You may not put names that have already been used on this wiki
  • Do not put a name on here that is already on the Adoptable Stories page.

Story Name Ideas Edit

Drown: Blueleaf245

Flowering Hatred: Spottedwing

Storm Of Fire: ~Wolfblaze~

Heaven Beside You: ~Patchfeather~

Stars' Light: ~Spottedleaf~

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You ~Patchfeather~

Fluttering Beside You: Spottedwing

Drowning in Darkness - Flame

Dying Flames - Flame

Never Again: Spottedwing

Blinding Love: Spottedwing

Series Names Edit

Shattered Hope: Blueleaf245

Undone: ~Spottedleaf~

Fallen Stars: ~Patchfeather~

The Setting Sun - Flame

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