This Clan is owned by Silverwhisker


Formerly founded by Talonfang, and formerly named HiddenClan, StormClan has started to thrive under the new leadership of Hiddenstar after their founder disappeared. The Clan is now rather peaceful and level-headed, however, they are very much powerful, using their foggy territory and their wetlands to their advantage. Walking into their territory unprepared...Now, that's a foolish idea.



Swampgator - pale bulls-eye patterned classic tabby tom. RP'd by: whiskers


Morningwing - brown tabby tom with gray splashes. RP'd by: Patch

Medicine CatEdit

Foggysky - pretty pale gray she-cat with blind blue eyes. RP'd by: Whiskers


Hiddenshade - muscular black smoke tabby tom with bright green eyes. RP'd by: Whiskers
Whitetoe  - black she-cat with white paws and chin. RP'D by:  Patch
Willowspirit - sleek, wiry gray tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes. RP'd by: brams
Jumpstrike - white tom with a scar over his eye and amber eyes. RP'd by: Patch
Darkfrost - black she-cat with blue eyes. RP'd by: Patch
Sparkstorm - ruddy ticked tabby tom. RP'd by: whiskers
Dusktiger - very dark brown tabby tom. RP'd by: whiskers
Birdsoar - white she-cat with black legs, tail-tip, and face. RP'D by: Bramble
Bouldersnow - hefty black-and-white tom with dark blue eyes. RP'D by: Bramble
Shimmertail - smoke black tabby she-cat with a pure white tail. RP'd by: Patch
Palefang - brown mink she-cat. RP'd by: Mink
Flyshade - black smoke tabby she-cat. RP'd by: Mink
Talltail - tabby and white tom. RP'd by: Mink
Swiftfeather - silver ticked tabby tom with azure eyes. RP'd by: Patch
Hazelfern - brown tabby she-cat. RP'd by Mink
Feathersong - light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. RP'd by Patch
Meadowbee - blue pointed she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Palefern - pretty white she-cat with darker lynx points. RP'd by Mink
Echosong - thick-furred grey tabby she-cat. RP'd by Mink
Wolfflame - grey tom with lighter silvery-grey fur. RP'd by Mink
Frostfire - grey and silver mottled tortoiseshell she-cat. RP'd by whiskers
Thornpad - pale ginger tabby tom. RP'd by Patch
Emberfall - ruddy and white tabby tom. RP'd by Patch
Shadefrost - tiny black grizzled tabby she-cat. RP'd by whiskers


Huntingpaw - black tom. RP'd by Mink [Mentor: Shorepebble]
Littlepaw - brown and white tabby she-cat. RP'd by Mink [Mentor:Morningwing]
Fishpaw - dark brown tabby she-cat. RP'd by Mink [Mentor: Dusktiger]
Heronpaw - white and pale gray tabby tom. RP'd by Zel [Mentor: Whitetoe]
Sleetpaw - white tom with darker points. RP'd by: Bramble
Ravenpaw - black tom with white patches. RP'd by: Bramble


Palefang - Se Warriors. RP'd by Mink
Shorepebble - silver tabby she-cat. RP'd by: whiskers


Palefang's Kits:
Shorekit - silver and white ticked she-kit. RP'd by Mink
Thistlekit - silver, black and white she-kit. RP'd by Mink
Minkkit - calico she-kit with a ferret-like appearance. RP'd by Mink
Spiderkit - black she-kit. RP'd by Mink
Marshkit - brown tabby tom. RP'd by Patch
Shorepebble & Hiddenshade's Kits:
Coastkit - silver smoke tabby she-kit. RP'd by Whiskers
Cypresskit - black smoke tabby tom. RP'd by Whiskers
Raptorkit - blue smoke tabby tom. RP'd by Whiskers

Roleplay PageEdit


Territory & CampEdit

Leaders DenEdit

The leader's den, probably the most amazing and stunning thing within the territory, is a massive, majstic willow. Its roots curl around a massive boulder, and its long, draping branches provide a nice "curtain" for the entrance. Ivy and lichen also drapes over the entrance, and the willow's bark is an ashy gray color, almost turning silver in the moonlight. The entrance is at the base of the mighty willow, immediately leading to a large, wide den, which is surprisingly cozy inside, the ground layered with moss that constantly grows and dies off on its own. As a result, the leader's bedding never needs to be changed, however, he or she is likely to line their place of sleeping with feathers and wool to keep them warm in the cooler months.

Another interesting feature of this den is the hole in it, higher up than the entrance, just above the rock. Within the den, there's a narrow passage leading to the hole, where the leader holds his or her ceremonies. Or, if they wish, they may leap onto the rock and then into the indent, but most prefer to use the rock for sunning. The tall willow and boulder sit ontop of a small hill, making this den certanly the tallest feature in camp, and probably the most attractive.


The nursery, which is very well-protected due to its location in camp, sits between the leader's den and the warrior's den. Because digging dens will only lead to water within the dens, the nursery is within a ball of woven reeds (much like in RiverClan, for a better explanation). The entrance is rather small, so predators cannot sneak in as well. It is quite warm inside due to the tightly woven plants, and the ground is surprisingly dry and soft, made of flattened tall grass and reeds.

Warriors' DenEdit

Due to the larger amount of cats, this den isn't the nicest in the world, but it still does its duty. The warrior's den, between the Nursery and Medicine Cat Den, rests on what to use to be a tiny pond, now dry and surprisingly warm, as it is surrounded by thick reeds. Warriors simply align their nests with wool and feathers, and sleep on a thin layer of moss, seeing that the ground is still fairly soft, but not exactly wet. 

But if it rains? The warriors move to a large log that sits at the bottom of what used to be the tiny pond. It is drift wood, making it an excellent and fairly water-proof place to sleep. The deputy, of course, sleeps in this den or out in the open with the warriors.

Medicine Cat DenEdit

Coming Soon

Apprentice's DenEdit

Coming Soon


The territory is a marsh/swamp, making it a fairly safe home. Most don't want to attack StormClan, seeing that their land is dangerous and unpredictable, and a cat could easily get lost in the fog that drifts throughout the land. This fog is StormClan's secret weapon, as they've quickly adapted to it, allowing them to see and move better than cats unfamiliar with the land. There is quite a bit of standing water, however, not all of it is safe to drink, as it is not running water. Those who drink the wrong water, are bound to get sick, and sometimes, they die. The cats within this Clan know the safe water, which is water that is fed by or drained by the long, winding river that runs throughout the territory. The ground is usually soft and muddy, but if it doesn't rain, it hardens and is safer to walk on. The land is surprisingly heavily wooded with all sorts of trees, from hardwoods, to pines. Willows are surprisingly a rarity, and are often considered sacred, a glorious gift from StarClan itself.

Camp is the safest place to be, sitting on a rather small hill, so the ground isn't usually muddy or wet...or flooded. However, as one gets away from camp, they'll find themself in a circle of standing water, sometimes deep. This protects the Clan from attackers, and only StormClan cats know how to navigate across safely. The climate is usually warmer, often humid, but during the colder moons, it can be quite bitter. The swamp freezes, but thankfully, the river still runs.

Predators are not an uncommon sighting in this land, however, foxes and coyotes tend to stray from these swamps, but when hungry or thirsty, they aren't afraid to stop in and say hi. Adders are the most common threat, and if they're venomous, they can easily kill a cat. Bears are rarely spotted, however, when they are, the Clan usually ceases all activity, like they do when the fog is extremely thick, to the point where they cannot even navigate it. Raptors, such as eagles, can also be quite a threat, as well as the occasional otter. There are not alligators or crocodiles! Prey is thrives greatly in this land...this includes: squirrels, chipmunks, multiple birds, weaker adders, turtles, and of course, frogs. Mice, shrews, and voles are quite uncommon, and are greatly cherished when caught. There are no rabbits within this territory.

The Sacred PondEdit

The Sacred Pond, or more commonly known as the Moon Pond, is the way in which StormClan communicates with StarClan. It's at the edge of the territory in a less swampy area. When the moon is at its highest points, it dyes the forever calm pond a bright silver. Here, leaders, medicine cats, etc drink the water and fall asleep at the water's edge to communicate with StarCan.

==Clan Specific Rules==

♦The rules are subject to change at any time.

♦If a loner, rogue, or kittypet is to join, it is required that they change their name to a Clan name (ex. if a Sally was to join, she must change her name to Littletail or something like that).

♦If a cat is to succeed the current leader or deputy, it must be run by the Clan's owner (Silverwhisker) first, and it must be approved.

♦Please give the leader at least a 3-day heads up for a ceremony. Suddenly throwing it onto them is not okay.

♦Only the owner or an admin may change the Clan rules. </center>

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