~Flashtail has joined the chat~
Another cat cycle animation by xkurainekox-d3j6h7v

~Moontail has joined the chat~

Moontail: Hi

Flashtail: Hey!

~Mapleleaf has joined the chat~

Mapleleaf: Hi!

Flashtail: Hi Mom.

Moontail: u mean that's ur mom!?

~Rosesky has joined the chat~

Rosesky: Hi!

Flashtail: Hi mentor.

Rosesky: My name isn't 'mentor'

~Mapleleaf has left the chat~

~Tawnynose has joined the chat~

Tawnynose: Hi.

Flashtail: TAWNYNOSE YOUR STILL ALIVE YAY!!!! * Flashtail hugs Tawnynose *

Tawnynose: Uh...

~Rosesky has left the chat~

~Moontail has left the chat~

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