This is the trivia page for my story, Split Loyalties. Make sure you have read that story first before reading this.

Spoilers Ahead!

The Trivia Edit

  • Each of the main characters had a different original name.
    • Spottedwing was Spottedtail.
    • Dapplefur was Speckleheart.
    • Brownfur was Mudpelt.
    • Leopardfire was Birchspot.
    • Thornfang was Tanglethorn.
  • The sequel is Sweet Honey.
  • Spottedwing was slightly inspired by me.
    • While Leopardfire was based off my second crush and Foxwhisker my first crush.
  • Dapplefur and Hawkwing knew each other from apprenticeship.
  • Split Loyalites is part of the series, Forever.
  • Split Loyalties was originally going to be made with the canon characters.

More to come...

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