i should`ve done this earlier

I`m gonna claw your pelt now that I know what`s happening

Bluestar spun around, realizing Tigerclaw was behind her. "Battle begin!" she hissed. She tossed Tigerclaw to the side, and pinned him.

I`m gonna get your revenge.

Bluestar hissed at Tigerclaw, biting him. "OW!!" Tigerclaw yowled in pain, sarcastically. Bluestar bit Tigerclaw`s eye.

I`m gonna tear you apart

Get you back, back, back

Get you back, back, back

Your dead!

Bluestar bit Tigerclaw`s throat. She sank her claws into his weak pelt, his eyes closed. He quickly opened them and tried to scratch Bluestar, but she dodged.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh

Get you, get you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh

Bluestar once again sank her claws into his weak pelt. Tigerclaw yowled in pain.

I`m gonna fight till victory

Do you see that power in my eyes

That`s what helps me fight

Bluestar gave Tigerclaw a death blow, killing him.

Now I`ve won the victory place

It`s time for me to go

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