Shadow (FoP) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Female Shorthair Loner-1
Current Clan None
Past Clans None
Age 13 moons

Equivalent: 15.8 human years

Cause of Death Alive
Status Alive
Names Shadow
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown

Thunder (Adoptive)

Siblings Silence
Mate None

Love Interest: Red

Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentices None
Stories Living Flakes of Pepper
Stories Deceased None
Owner Wolf
 Shadow is a black she-cat with amber eyes.



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Shadow is a genious, but you wouldn't think so. You wouldn't think she was dumb, or even just average intelligence, but you wouldn't think of her as brilliant. None the less, she is, in all likelyhood she was the smartest cat on the journey to find Luna, as she was able to trick all of them---and Luna---into thinking she didn't know what happened what she was younger. 

Shadow is very also  curious, and she tends to understand cats who have had a hard past, and doesn't reject them like most people do. However, she is very feisty, and once she gets angry with someone she will never forgive them, no matter what they do. Even if they die for her.

As a kit, she was shown to be rebellious an independent. When she got older, she stayed as independent, but started following the rules more. She also is very, very optimistic, and detirmened to succeed, no matter how difficult----or dangerous-- it is. And if it is difficult or dangerous, in Shadow's opinion that makes it all the better.

Shadow also tends to be extroverted and friendly, but if someone gets to close to her sister---and/or onto Shadow's own  bad side---whoever it is better watch out. She also fiery and passionate, and can't be swayed from her opinions, even if they are unreasonable.

Shadow can be careless, and sometimes irresponsible, but she is creative and imaginative, so usually things end up working out in her favor. Shadow is loyal, but is sharp-tongued and stubborn, and sometimes argumentative.


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Female Shorthair Loner-1

Trivia (optional)Edit

  • Shadow knows quite well why Silence doesn't talk. She can't remember it, of course, as she never saw it happen, but she guesses it. She also, however, acts like she doesn't in order to protect her sister from Luna.
  • She and Silence might one day hav thier own storu