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Current Clan RockClan
Past Clans None
Age Approx. 36 Moons Old (Approx. 3 Years)
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Living
Names Kit: Shadekit
Apprentice: Shadepaw
Warrior: Shadeflight
Queen: Shadeflight
Mother Redstar
Father Mothfeather
Siblings Littermates: Pink-Eyes Bluefrost, Puddlefrost
Younger: Dawncloud, Swiftstream
Half: Three Unnamed Kits, Wyvernstrike, Poppyfrost, Snowfire, Peppernose, Darkshine, Owlnose, Mapleclaw
Mate Snaketooth
Kit(s) Rookkit, Crowkit
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentices Unknown
Stories Living Unknown
Stories Deceased Unknown
Owner Mink

Shadeflight is a foreign-built, longhair black smoke she-cat with pale yellow eyes. She is the daughter of Redstar and Mothfeather, and is a current warrior and queen of RockClan; she was mentored by Tawnynose. Her littermates are Pink Eyes, Bluefrost, and Puddlefrost while her younger siblings are Dawncloud and Swiftstream. Her known half-siblings consist of three unnamed kits, Wyvernstrike, Poppyfrost, Snowfire, Peppernose, Darkshine, Owlnose, and Mapleclaw. She is the mate of Snaketooth, and their kits are Rookkit and Crowkit.



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Shadekit is born to Redstar and Mothfeather along with her three littermates Pinkkit, Bluekit, and Puddlekit.
She spends her first few weeks as a kitten close to her mother's side, immediately becoming the favorite of both mother and father. As she grew to become two moons, Shadekit finally grew a liking towards the other kits of the nursery, one of which she particularly liked as a friend, Snakekit. As the the black smoke kitten grew to a rather small size from the other kits, she began to be "teased" for her very small size.
At the age of three moons, Shadekit began to grow upset and quiet once more and grew to sticking to Redstar's side once again. Teased by the older kits for her size she grew to be rebellious and defiant of others, this grew on her and for a while as a kitten she began disrespecting her parents and siblings. Not longer after the death of her father, Shadekit finally began to mellow out once more and began her old self.
Reminding herself everyday that she'd become as great as both her mother and father, although knowing there was a very rare chance of becoming leader. Now at the age of four moons, Shadekit had made quite a few friends, mostly toms due to having grown up with all brothers in her litter. She was said to have been the "squad leader" bossing around all three of her brothers, Snakekit, and his brother; Cloudkit. This was noticed by her mother, now a rather old age of seventy-six moons, and said that Shadeflight would make a strong and viable warrior.
For the remainder of her kitten-life, Shadekit became known as the kitten theat was fearless and rebellious once more. Although keeping her respect for the older cats and those her age. At the age of six moons she and three brothers received their apprentice names and mentors. Shadekit being named Shadepaw and receiving her mother's first and former mate, Tawnynose as her mentor. Bluekit, Bluepaw and his mentor being their older, half-sister Poppyfrost. Pinkkit, Pinkpaw and his mentor being their older, half-brother Owlnose. Finally, Puddlekit, Puddlepaw and his mentor being their older, half-sister Wyvernstrike.
Shadepaw is first told to make her nest, in which she does it very quickly and is rewarded with a tour of RockClan's territory. Not long after the tour she watches as her mentor hunt, she quickly catches on and successfully catches a total of two pieces of prey; squirrel and vole. Praised highly the two head back to camp with their kill.
back at camp, Shadepaw shows off her prey to her mother who simply smiles and leaves to her den obviously depressed as Mothfeather's death starts hit her. She watches in sadness as she sees she's already lost her mother and all that's left is a shell of a leader for the Clan. She then is called over by Puddlepaw questions her about their mother in which she says that their mother is already dead, her soul left with their father and all thats left is a shell and lifeless cat for the Clan to follow.
Puddlepaw sees the truth in this and both of the siblings decide to go out for a walk before retiring to their nests. Shadepaw glances into the Apprentices' den to see that Bluepaw and Pinkpaw were already asleep. While out she brings up the fact that Mothfeather's grave is boring and lifeless. The two decided to go pick some flowers, find some pebbles and feathers to decorate it. Once done with this the two head back to camp to find out that their mother had only one life left through the medicine cat. Shadepaw asks what from and Whitesnout replies that it was from starvation and grief.
Shadepaw feels her heart break at this and nods before flicking her tail at Puddlepaw to follow her only to hear a distressed call from the deputy, Moleleap. Shadepaw runs to the deputy to now see the curled up ball of fluff and ragged fur of her now dead mother. Shadepaw turns to Puddlepaw and tells him to get Pinkpaw and Bluepaw and she'd get the rest of their siblings, including the two kittens she had just given birth to before dying. After all of her siblings and half-siblings were gathered they began to pray silently; oddly something that had comforted Shadepaw a lot.
Nearly two moons later, Shadepaw was made a warrior along with her siblings and several other cats. Shadepaw becoming Shadeflight. Bluepaw becoming Bluefrost. Puddlepaw becoming Puddlefrost Finally, Pinkpaw becoming Pink-Eyes, for his odd pink eyes.


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Snaketooth: Living


Rookkit: Living
Crowkit: Living


Mothfeather: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Redstar: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Pink-Eyes: Living
Bluefrost: Living
Puddlefrost: Living
Swiftstream: Living


Dawncloud: Living


Snowfire: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Peppernose: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Darkshine: Living
Owlnose: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Wyvernstrike: Living
Poppyfrost: Living
Mapleclaw: Deceased; Dark Forest Resident


Several Unnamed Kits: Deceased; StarClan Residences
Cloudpaw: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Goldenflower: Living
Robinpaw: Living
Loachpaw: Living


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