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Current Clan RockClan
Past Clans None
Age 42 moons
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Unknown
Names Loner: Sapphire
Kit: Sapphirekit
Apprentice: Sapphirepaw
Mother Garnet
Father Pyre
Siblings Sparkstorm
Mate Sharpstone
Kit(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) Silverrain
Apprentices Unknown
Stories Living Outcast
Stories Deceased Unknown
Owner Kas

Sapphireheart is a large, slim silver she-cat with shimmering blue eyes and brimming black tabby stripes. She is a current warrior of RockClan, her parents being Garnet and Pyre, her brother being Sparkstorm, and her mate being Sharpstone. She is known for being a hard working warrior of her Clan, and is respected by many despite of her past.



Despite her dark grey appearance, she is  the eloquent beauty. She has a slim, silver body with thick black tabby stripes that stretch out all over her body, making her very visible. She has crystal clear blue eyes, with small tints of aqua hidden beneath them. Her face seems lighter than the rest of her pelt, and each  paw step she takes is as soft and graceful as a feather. The center of her eyes are a dazzling dark blue, shining beautifully in the moonlight. She has a slender, thick furred body which she occasionally cleans, liking to keep herself clean and in shape. A very small nick rests atop her right ear, which others can barely 
She has shiny, clean white teeth, thorn sharp claws, pointed ears, and a soft pink nose. She has a surprisingly good stance of balance, and her dark black tabby stripes whisping across her legs, back, face, and tail. The back area of her has dark matted fur, a small scar lying beneath one of her shoulder blades. Her fur is short and dense, having a soft cloud-like texture to it. The base of her pelt is a darkish silver, having small tints of black and grey. Her bone structure is rather thick, and her bones are well and healthy. Her whiskers are a slender white color, almost blending in with the unique color of her pelt.
This she-cat has long, slender legs that help her to jump and swim very well. She has a fine, round shaped head with triangular ears, her tail being average length/height. Her pelt is thick enough to keep her warm from the cold climate that is yet to come as well. Overall, she is relatively healthy, and barely ever gets sick. And if so, it isn't as bad as most cats. Her bone-structure is surprisingly hard and well muscled, not having a broken bone in her body. Her overall appearance begins with the dark grey and a sort of silver shade to her magnificent pelt, and her brimming black stripes curving all around. 


Due to some of her past events as a kit, she is very hostile and threatening to those who anger or upset her Clan. She is a very cheery and nice cat, always wanting to help and brighten someone's day, but if you get on her bad side, things won't ever be pretty. She's a very smart and compassionate cat, wanting everyone to have a good life. She is often described as a cat who is very easy at getting annoyed or upset, but often will just keep up her attitude of being impenetrable when it comes to rasp insults of those that dislike her. When she truly takes it to heart she often gets depressed, but hides this dismal side to her.
She seems to have an enigmatic quality, changing the subject when anyone asks about her past and cheerfully switching them to something else.  Sapphireheart isn't a curious cat, not liking to learn new things, and careful to keep those that wish to be her friends at bay, hiding behind the snappish attitude that she takes upon herself. She has a calm personality, usually, finding ways to allow things to come to her without her needing to pull them in. She has a careful way of holding herself, seeming to keep more to herself than she lets on. 
Being extremely honest and believing others to always do the same, Sapphireheart tends to take sarcasm seriously when its thrown around carelessly in her presence, causing for a bit on an awkward or humorous explanation.


Her skills are predominantly directed towards combat and stealth but she is also a tactician who is able to see situations with unclouded judgment and break down and give the best possible solutions. In addition, this basically means that she is not the type of cat who would jump impulsively into danger, always proceeding with caution and cool intellect unless it is necessary.
Because of this, others that act brashly  tend to rouse her anger, and if it’s important, she is not above shredding someone for not listening, if that’s what it takes to get the point across then so be it but she would rather not result to that. One of the traits she is most respected for is how her resolve cannot be shaken once she commits herself, this not only applies to principles and goals but to others as well. 


Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

Though not shown in roleplay, she is born to two unnamed rogues. At birth, her father abounded her and her brother, leaving them to fend for themselves. Their mother, however, didn't care much for her kits, and every time they would do something wrong, she would attack them. Basically, she began to live a horrid past with abusive and arrogant parents, but soon found her way into  RockClan territory.:
She first appears in RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 6, and is also shown hiding behind a bush and whining. Blood drips from her paws, and she tries to move forward, instantly failing. She questions herself of where she is, and looks up to see Sharpkit standing in front or her. She backs away quickly, feeling as though if this cat was a threat. Sharpkit follows after her, and she asks who he is and where she was. Sharpkit simply ignores the first question, and blurts out that she is in the coolest Clan, RockClan. Sapphire, confused, stutters that she'll leave the territory, and begins to scamper off. She trips on her own tail and stumbles into a large bush, but Sharpkit quickly races over to her.
The tom asks her if she's okay, and tells her that she's his only friend. Sapphire doesn't respond, and the tom goes on saying that he doesn't want her unwelcome. Sapphire blushes slightly and turns away from him, actually feeling loved and wanted for once. She thanks the tom, and he takes her into the RockClan territory with Whispheart. Whispheart asks her where her mother is, and she frowns sadly and replies that she has no mother, and Whispheart accepts her gladly into the Clan. Sharpkit eventually shows her to the Nursery, and begins ranting about wanting to become leader one day. Sapphire blinks in confusion, and Sharpkit asks her what she wants to do when she grows up.
Sapphire responds that she hasn't really thought about it, but bounces up at the thought of ruling RockClan along with Sharpkit. The two continue talking about being leader, and then Whispheart enters the den, asking Sharpkit to introduce Sapphire to his siblings. Sharpkit nods and tells Sapphirekit that his family doesn't like him that much, and she replies the same thing back to him saying that her family didn't care for her much at all either. After being introduced to his parents, Darkkit floods her with multiple questions. Sapphirepaw doesn't answer, but Sharpkit just simply states that she was a Loner.
Sharpkit asks her if she is hungry, and all that comes from her is a loud rumble from her stomach. Sharpkit chuckles and runs off to get her some prey from the fresh-kill pile, and as she stands there, she wonders why cats are so kind to her. Sharpkit soon returns and drops a mouse at her paws, and she asks what it is. Sharpkit, curiously, pushes the mouse closer to her and asks her whether she has eaten a mouse before. Sapphirekit replies that she hasn't, and quickly wolfs half of the prey down. Sharpkit leans down and takes a few bites of it, and shares the rest with her.
Sharpkit goes out to get more prey, and Darkkit asks if he may share with them. The two kits nod, and Darkkit eats the other half of the mouse. The two cats resume talking about ruling RockClan later in the future, and soon go to sleep. The next morning, Sapphirekit sees that Sharpkit is upset, and asks him what was wrong. He simply frowns and shakes his head slowly, saying that his father has come back with some other kit and Whispheart and that they're hurt.
Sapphirekit gives her best friend a nudge, and tells him that his parents are strong just like him. Hoping to brighten him, her brother comes into the RockClan Camp moments later, growling at Sharpkit and demanding to know who he is. Sharpkit quickly jumps to answer the question, and replies that he is Sapphirekit's best friend, and has every right to be. Creekfrost, Sharpkit's father, soon approaches Sapphirekit and her brother, Spark, and greets them. Sparks quickly whispers to his sister that he doesn't like Sharpkit at all, and none the less doesn't trust him. Sapphirekit flattens her ears, trying to hold back snarling at her brother. She tells him that there is nothing to worry about, and that he is a kind, gentle cat. Sparks replies that he still doesn't like him, and steps back asking what he should do.
Moments later, Sapphirekit frowns at him and tells him that it's up to him, and that she can't make him be friends with Sharpkit. She then perks up and announces to her brother that her and Sharpkit will lead side-by-side one day, and he simply gives her a sarcastic tone in saying what a great leader Sharpkit will be. Sapphirekit sights and snaps to her brother that she can take care of herself, and that it's not his job to fend for her. She also states that not every cat is like their parents, and he retorts back that there are plenty of them out there just like them.
The argument goes on, but eventually dies down and Sparks exits the Nursery. Sapphirekit apologizes to her friend for her brother's rudeness, becoming slightly annoyed with her brother's actions. A few days later, Sapphirekit comes into the Nursery to see an upset Darkkit, and asks him what is wrong. Darkkit shakily replies that his parents are gone, and Sapphirekit comforts him for awhile. Days later, she and her brother Sparkkit are made apprentices, her mentor given being Silverrain.
Smiling, she exclaims back to Sharpkit and her brother that they'll be the best apprentices in the forest. Runningstrike, whom Sapphirepaw believes is acting off, greets her and congratulates her, also apologizing for not cheering her on. Sapphirepaw nods and says that it's okay, and asks him what is wrong. She states that he looks a little on edge, and he replies that he hears everything three times. Confused by the tom's words, she asks why, and the tom himself is clueless. He replies that it began when Creekfrost died, but secretly thinks it might be going on because of something or someone else.
After she is finished talking with Runningwater, she bounces over to her mentor and asks her what is first in her first day of training. Silverrain replies that they were going to explore the other Clan territories, and the two cats head out to do so. A few days later, Sapphirepaw is seen begging Wolfstar to go on the quest of why the moon turned red, and desperately keeps asking. Her request being denied and told maybe the next time, she frowns and runs off into the apprentices den, looking for Sharppaw. Sharppaw, whom isn't there at the moment, returns to camp after Sapphirepaw goes out to train with her mentor.  
Creekkit soon appears and greets Sapphirepaw, and the silver she-cat apprentice does as well. Creekit replies that he is bored, and asks Sapphirepaw if she wants to play. She agrees, but hesitates as first. The two struggle over what to play, but the two cats eventually settle out Mossball. Afterwards, Creekkit whispers to her that his father hates him, and she feels quite sympathetic for the poor little tom-kit. The two talk about the situation, and Sapphirepaw involves her father, whom almost killed her, her brother, and her mother as a kit.


Eventually, she becomes a Warrior along with Sharppaw, whom is given the name Sharpstone. The two congratulate each other on becoming apprentices, and begin chatting about being future leaders or deputies. The two then head out of camp, and begin to race each other out of the RockClan border. She accidentally trips over Sharpstone's paws, and he jokingly calls her a clutz. She simply replies in a mumble, and is stunned when the tom asks her to be his mate. She accepts, and then the two begin to bond for awhile.
Sapphireheart is next seen snapping at Oilpaw and Creekpaw to leave Mossypebble alone, since he is very gravely injured and needs to rest. The two apprentices whisper that she is annoying, and Oilpaw states that he is jealous of her being a warrior. Sapphireheart stalks off, and goes to tell her brother Sparkstorn about her and Sharp becoming mates. Sparkstorm replies rather rudely to this, and calls her mate crowfood, while the two begin to settle theirselves into a heated argument. Sapphireheart snaps that the only way Sparkstorm would understand love is if he actually had it, and runs out of camp to Sharpstone.
Afterwards, she informs Sharpstone that Sparkstorm may become trouble for him, but not to worry.  Coming Soon


Apprentice Ceremony

Wolfstar: "All cats gather here, right now. It just so happens that Sapphirekit and Sparkkit are ready to be apprentices. Both of you, come forward. Sapphirekit I name you Sapphirepaw and your mentor will be Silverrain. Sparkkit I name you Sparkpaw and your mentor will be Fawnheart."
RockClan Cats: "Sparkpaw, Sapphirepaw!"
RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 10



Pyre - Deceased


Garnet - Deceased


Sparkstorm - Living


Sharpstone - Living

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Warning: This section contains spoilers for the books. Please skip over if you don't want any.


In this fanfiction, she first appears playing around with her brother, Sparks. A few moments later, their father, Pyre snaps at them to stop their niave, childish behavior, and to tells them that they act like a bunch of annoying kits. Sapphire smiles and retorts back calmly that they are kits, and falls down on the ground laughing. Pyre yowls at them once again sharply, and tells them that he won't put up with their baby-ish behavior any longer. He then snaps at them asking how they would like it if they lived on their own, and how they would survive. Afterwards, the tom stomps out of camp.
Sapphire asks her brother where their father is going, and Sparks simply replies that he thinks that they aren't loved anymore, and that Pyre wishes they were never born. Discouraged, Sapphire and Sparks both go silent for a few moments, but go back to playing afterwards.




At this point, Sapphireheart can't stand her brother, and hopes to StarClan that he will change his opinion about Sharpstone. For now, she avoids him when possible, and their strong sibling relationship isn't as strong as it was before.

Love InterestsEdit


At first, he was just the usual, average best friend, but the two grew closer, and now she loves him more than ever. The two cats share a special bond that is unlikely to ever be broken, and they both trust each other with all of their hearts.


Coming Soon



Sapphirepaw doesn't know much about the former RockClan deputy, but wishes that he would've shown a bit of more care for Sharpstone.


Sapphirepaw hasn't really come encountered with this tom completely, and doesn't know much about him. She does know one thing, though - That he hears everything in his head three times. She feels concerned for him and wishes that his problem would be worked out and would go away, but still doesn't quite understand why it's happening. 


  • Some of her personality traits are based off of her roleplayer.
  • She is Flame's main bae <3


"If this is about your petty squable with Sharpkit again, I don't want to hear it."
Sapphirepaw to her brother, Sparkpaw about Sharpkit RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 13
"Sharpstone... I'm afraid Sparkstorm is going to do something to you... I know he never really liked you, but I can guarantee his hate for you has only grown stronger. He thinks that you're going to leave me... just like everyone else did. But I know that's not true. You and I would stay together by each others' sides no matter what."
Sapphireheart to Sharpstone about Sparkstorm RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 24