Roleplay Rules

  • Please, no cyberbulling users, at all. You will be given two warnings, and if you won't listen, a two week block.
  • And please don't be off-topic, stick with the current subject. If there is not much of a topic going on, and it has been inactive for while, you can start a new one, talk it over with the other users first.
  • Please do not roleplay a cat that has not been approved, or that belongs to another user
  • Be PG You can put in battles, and gore and that kind of thing, but keep it pretty low, any higher then what would be considered PG will be deleted.
  • Keep text-code low Only use text-code if you yourself are saying it as you, the roleplay cat is not allowed to say text-code.

Joining Rules

  • Request first on the Clan you wish to join on their talkpage. Please wait for an admin/owner/senior member to accept it, then make your characters page and add them to the Clan.
  • Senior members do not need to request cats, just make sure you can keep track of your cats. A senior member is a user who has been on the wiki for a year or more, or is experienced.

High Rank

There are four 'High Ranks' Medicine cat Apprentice, Medicine cat, Deputy, and Leader. If you want a high rank, please talk it over with the Clans' owner on there message wall rather then on the RPing join page.

Pleading for a rank will only make it less likely that you will get a high rank. Often, all high ranks are taken.

If you want a high rank you must:

  • Have been on the wikia for a fairly long time At least a three weeks, preferred more.
  • You must have had other cats before It can be in the same or in other Clans, just you can't have your first cat have a high rank.
  • Must edit daily for three weeks For your cat with a high rank, and other cats. Cats with high ranks must be active.
  • Check with the Clan's owner first Even if the Clan's owner is not an admin, you must ask before getting a high rank in their Clan. By 'owner' doesn't  mean the leader, The owners of the Clans' are; Silverwhisker is StormClan'sPatchfeather is RockClan's, and Bramblefire is CaveClan's.
  • Remember that high ranks are often taken If none are open, you can be put on a waiting list.
  • Know that just because you have a leader in a Clan, that does not make you the owner. You can't add anything to the history, premote any high ranks, decide what the territory looks like, make a map of the camp, anything like that without the owner allowing it.
  • If you are inactive for three weeks your high rank will be taken away If you have a Leader, Deputy, Medicine cat, or Medicine cat Apprentice rank and are inactive for two weeks the high rank of the cat will be taken away. The cat can remain in the Clan, but must be a normal Warrior or Apprentice. 
  • You can't have high ranks all the time you have to let other users have a chance. This also means if your cat is leader, you cannot make another one of your own cats deputy, unless with the owners permission.
  • You cannot have your own cat be succeeded by another one of your cats. This goes for leaders. Unless you have owners permission.

Character Rules

  • Cats should look realistic just no odd colored cats, green, blue, red, purple... etc. It's fine if your cat has a color tint, just no neon colors.
  • Cats should have Clan names This means something wild cats would know about, such as something forest related, and maybe something like heart or pelt. If the cat has a human name, then it should be a Loner, Rogue, or Kittypet.. Clan cats also need both a prefix and suffix, even if they were past loners/rogues/kittypets.
  • No perfect Mary-Sues Characters should have flaws, if the cat is evil then it should also have good sides. Making a cat with no flaws or no good traits is unrealistic. The cats don't have to have the same amount of good traits and flaws, but it is a good idea for them to be pretty close.
  • A page is required if you create a cat, please make sure they have a page and keep it as up-to-date as you can, and use the Page Format and Template:InfoboxCat.
  • There is a lmit of 50 cats per user.
  • If you haven't edited at all for a month, you will get a warning and have only one week to reply. If you fail to do so, your characters will be put up for adoption or deleted.

Chat Rules

  • No bullying, just like anywhere else on the wiki
  • You can spam chat, it's not like it's going to stay there forever, but please, don't go overboard, it can become extremely annoying. 
  • Please try not to use "text talk" some are fine to use of course, such as brb
  • Please try your best not to misspell words


  • Do not make any roleplay groups without the whole wikis agreement
  • Do not edit other characters pages without the owers permission. Updating links is fine, or adding to a family tree.