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History Edit

RockClan was founded by a loner tom named Sleet. He was a peaceful leader, close with StarClan and was then succeeded by Moorrunner. Moorrunner's time as leader was as well calm, having two deputies, then being succeeded by Goldenfoot. Very soon after Goldenfoot became leader, he died from unknown causes. His deputy, Redheart took over having Brightwhisker and Moleleap as her deputies, she later died of blood loss whilst kitting and Moleleap became Molestar with Strikerunner as his deputy.
Molestar's time as leader lasted only a few years, until he was killed in battle with badgers. Strikerunner had remained his deputy and was now known as Strikestar, with the deputy Gorsestem. Gorsestem later died of greencough and was succeedd by Crowclaw. Strikestar lost her last two lives to greencough, and now Crowstar succeeds leader.
Crowstar had his own daughter Wolfclaw as deputy, and she soon later became Wolfstar, at a very young age. Her deputy was an older warrior named Redclaw. Redclaw was slain in a battle with ShadeClan, and Wolfstar made a young warrior named Creekfrost her deputy. Talonfang rebels and brings in rogues and fights with RockClan. She leaves and creates her own Clan, HiddenClan.
Creekfrost's time was short, being killed by the mad warrior Talonfang. After many moons without a deputy, Wolfstar at last chose Stormriver as her deputy. Soon after, Wolfstar is killed by Fireblaze of ShadeClan. Stormstar is then leader, taking his time to pick a deputy.
RockClan and CaveClan fight over the tunnels beneath their territores and Stormstar is given the death blow by Firepoppy. He dies. A secret only he knew was that he never received his lives, as StarClan did not see him as the Clans rightful leader. Right before death, Stormstar chose his sister, Waterdrop as his deputy. He passes away a moment later. Waterstar is now the Clans leader, naming Silverrain as her deputy.
Sickness strikes RockClan, and Waterstar forces the healthy warriors to leave. Silverrain disappears a little while after, and Waterstar names Runningstrike her deputy. Over the next few moons, Waterstar grows depressed and can no longer lead the Clan anymore. She steps down and names Runningstrike RockClan's leader.
He names Slatestream his deputy. Runningstar is shown not to be the best leader, forgetting his Clans members, and not saying the right words in ceremonies. Creekfrost, who was given another chance to live, voices his fears about Runningstar leading the Clan. Runningstar is not happy, but soon does step down.
Slatestream is then made RockClan's leader, naming Creekfrost his deputy.

High RanksEdit

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Deputies Edit

Medicine cats Edit


  • RockClan is sometimes called the 'cursed clan' since high ranks (depuites and leaders) seem to die so soon

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