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RockClan's territory is mostly moor. It isn't as windy as most moors, but every now and then there'll be a pretty windy day. Around the borders with ShadeClan and CaveClan, it is a more wooded area, and trees strech from there all the way to the border.
Throughout the territroy, there are some very small, densely packed forests here and there. Not far from camp, lies the Tallstone. The is a large ridge that cuts thourgh most of the territory. It is very tall, almost mountain like. RockClan cats have to climb up and down it often, thus, giving RockClan's cats the great power of rockclimbers. They got their name from the Tallstone, and the cats who joined the Clan were skilled at scaling it with no problem.
RockClan's territory, of course, is very hilly, but these hills go up many feet, very tall and steep compared to your normal hill. The trees that grow in RockClan's territory are mainly pines, maples, and oaks. The grasses in the territory are quiet long in some areas, sometimes reaching above the cats head. Th grass is, as well, dotted with flowers, covering most of the territory. 
There isn't much water in the territory, only some small ponds, the biggest water scource is a a river that leads across the ShadeClan border, and then widens in their territory.


RockClan's camp is a dip in one of the hills, srounded by tall grasses and tussocks and gorse. The entrance is a large gorse thicket, leading up the hill on an old, worn path. The camp is quite large. The Highstone is where the Clan leader gives announcements and meetings, it is on the right side of camp.
The Warriors den is a large, prickly gorse thicket. It has bracken and moss stuffed in holes in the walls to block out the chill. 

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Other FactsEdit

Kits in RockClan are usually apprenticed at the age of five moons, one moon younger than the other Clans. In the beginning, they were at four moons, but that was lost over time and replaced with five or six.

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Creekstar - battle-scarred black tom. Lives: 8/9 RP'd by Patch


Orchidbloom - grey classic tabby she-cat. RP'd by Whiskers

Medicine CatEdit

Risingsun - black smoke tabby tom. RP'd by Whiskers


Frozenwind - large white tom. RP'd by brams
Nightshade - black tom with hetero-chromatic blue and amber eyes. RP'd by Patch
Heathersun - ginger she-cat. RP'd by brams
Hazelriver - grey and white tom. RP'd by Patch
Ashstorm - black smoke tabby tom. RP'd by Patch
Cloudfrost - albino she-cat. RP'd by Whiskers
Sunshadow - black smoke and white tabby tom. RP'd by Whiskers
Rainstorm - black tabby she-cat. RP'd by Whiskers
Smokecloud - black grizzled tabby tom. RP'd by Whiskers
Caninefang - N/A. RP'd by Whiskers
Raccoonmask - handsome chocolate smoke tom. RP'd by whiskers
Snapdragon - gray tabby she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Windstorm - brown tabby tom. RP'd by Patch
Yewnose- lilac tom. Rp'd by Patch
Shrewpounce - ginger tom. RP'd by Moon


Sparkpaw - calico she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Peridotpaw - pale gray almost white tabby tom. RP'd by Patch
Dawnpaw - dark ginger she-cat. RP'd by Moon
Parsleypaw - white she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Galepaw - fawn smoke tortoiseshell tabby she-cat. RP'd by whiskers
Fennelpaw - mottled gray and black she-cat.  RP'd by whiskers


Hollymask - white she-cat with black-points. RP'd by Patch
Orchidbloom - See Deputy. RP'd by Whiskers
Flamefur - silver and gray mottled she-cat. RP'd by Moon


Pumpkinfrost's kits:
Hawthornkit - charcoal spotted tabby tom. RP'd by Whiskers
Pumpkinkit - cinnamon calico she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Hollymask's kits:
Lavenderkit - pale blue gray she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Eclipsekit - smoke mink tom. RP'd by Whiskers