Animation Test Spinning Cat by mmoollyy10


WildClan Leader

Flightstar- white she cat


Patchfeather- Fluffy calico tom with blue eyes


Littleflight- White tom

Blazetail- Ginger tom

Hollytuft- Black she cat


Hollytuft wandered over to the fresh kill pile. "Hi, Blazetail." she said when she saw him. "Hi." he replied. He wandered into the warriors` den. Hollytuft sat, thinking. I must be useful to the Clan! For the past few days they`ve ignored me! she thought. She padded to Flightstar. "Flightstar?" she said. "Not now I`m to busy!" she said. "AM I EVEN USEFUL!!!!!???" she yowled. "Yes..." said Flightstar.

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