What It Does

This project is dedicated to making sure pages have proper spelling and grammar! 

Keeping correct grammar and spelling takes time, work, and effort, but many can do it, while some have good reasons for the mistakes in pages, and are not to blame, the pages should be fixed and while some have good reasons, others might just not want to bother. Whatever the reason, good or bad, pages with error should be fixed, that is why this project is here.

Status: Active


If you would like to become of member of this project please ask on the talk of this page. The talk will also be used for discussion on the project.

Leader: Spots

Deputy: Wolf

Medicine Cat: Kas

Warriors: N/A

Apprentices: Blazey, Attack cat

  • Be respectful to the other users.
  • You should have a good grammar record to join (your pages must have average grammar).
  • Plus any rules listed here.

How It WorksEdit

Our job is to make sure pages have no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Many errors are easy to noitce, but some, mainly mistakes in grammar, and things like:

  • 'Your" and "You're'
  • 'Than' and 'Then'
  • 'Here' and 'Hear'
  • 'There' and "Their'
  • 'Its' and 'It's'

Plus, incorrect capitalization and not enough paragraphs are harder to notice.

That is why this project is here! We do suggest that you use this site. First, copy and paste your work. It is best to do it paragraph by paragraph as you write it to detect mistakes. Use the classic editor to grammar-check, the visual part, so no coding sources are tangled up and confusing things. If you do not use this site, find another one and use it!

Use the free-mode, unless you want to pay, and if you are under 18, make sure your parents approve of you using the pay mode, but it is our suggestion you use the free-mode! If you do not use the editor and make no mistakes, that is fine! If there are mistakes, they will be edited. Project members are allowed to use this site to fix grammar and spelling of there own and other pages.

Quick Reference Edit

If you are unsure about something and just want a quick clarification, check the sections below.

Your vs. You're Edit

" You're a traitor!" she cried, backing away from him.

"Your a traitor!" she cried, backing away from him.

One of the above sentences (cue dramatic music) is wrong.

You're can be expanded to mean you are. The apostrophe hides the are, thus simplifying the word. For that example, " You are a traitor!" she cried, backing away from him. Makes sense, right? Therefore, you're is correct.

Your, on the other hand, is possessive. It means belonging to you, whoever you may be. In the example: " Your a traitor!" she cried, backing away from him. It doesn't even make sense at all. A traitor belongs to you? This is incorrect.

They're vs. There vs. Their Edit

Attack of the they-rs.

" Get them! Their stealing our prey!"

" Get them! They're stealing our prey!"

" Get them! There stealing our prey!"

First up: their. Their is possessive, meaning belong to them, or others. In the sentence above, get them, their stealing our prey, the 'they' is incorrect. That sentence literally means: Get them, the stealing belongs to them. I don't think that's the message the author would be trying to get across. I know it sounds a lot like they're, but we'll learn about that in a second.

Second: They're. Like 'you're', they're can be expanded to mean they are. The difference between their and they're is, well, quite large. Although both talk about others, they both imply different actions. In their, someone is possesing something. With they're, someone is doing something. Therefore, in the example, " Get them! They are stealing our prey!, they're is the correct word.

Lastly: There. There is specifying a place. It's not here, it's over there. That place. Look. I'm pointing to it! You already know it's incorrect, but let me explain how it can be fixed. " Get them! There stealing our prey!" can be fixed with one comma. " Get them! There, stealing our prey!" There becomes an introductory phrase, meaning that it introduced the rest of the sentence.

Then vs. Than Edit

" I'd rather become mates with that frog than be mates with you!"

" I'd rather become mates with that frog then be mates with you!"

Trust me, you'll be laughing inside when you find out what the wrong one means. Or if you already know, have a good laugh.

Than is comparing two things. It's suggesting that you would want to do something more than another. In the first example, someone is saying that being mates with a frog is a better option to being mates with whoever. Than vs. Then can be a bit confusing, so a good way to remember it (this worked for me) was to remember that the 'a' could go into 'way'. As in 'way more'. Whatever works best for you.

Then is sequencing something, or specifying a time. This is crack-up time. In the second example, someone is saying that their preference is being mates with a frog, and afterwards becoming mates with 'you'. So watch these two. You don't want an expression becoming reality.

Page Editing PermitEdit

This is a permit members of this project have, it means they can edit a page created by anyone, profile pages included in this. A template is placed on there profile, saying they have this permit. Since this is not official, you will never have to renew it! You get this permit automatically when you join this project.

But find out more about what this means below.

It means:

  • You can edit pages for grammar and spelling sources.
  • You are a member of this project.
  • You are a user here.

It does not mean:

  • The pages is yours as much as the creaters.
  • You can change the plotline or any detail with proper grammar and spelling.
  • You will keep the permit if you resign from the project.

That is just about it!

Pages That Are FixedEdit

Runningstrike, Flash, Sapphireheart, Kittypets/Roleplay, RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 16, ShadeClan/Roleplay

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