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Former LeadersEdit

Risingstar - black she-cat with silver flecks. RP'd by Mink

Former DeputiesEdit

Juniperclaw - tortoiseshell she-cat. RP'd by Mink
Blizzardstorm - splashed brown tabby tom. RP'd by whiskers

Former Medicine CatsEdit

Cricketstep - ginger tabby she-cat with a massively scarred face. RP'd by Mink
Dustfeather - light grey tom. RP'd by Patch

Former WarriorsEdit

Tigerscar - dark tabby tom. Can walk in both StarClan and Dark Forest. RP'd by Mink
Lavastep - white she-cat with dark points. RP'd by Patch
Barktail - mottled brown tom. RP'd by Patch
Brushrustle - black tom. RP'd by Patch
Bluestream-grey she cat with light grey flecks and dark grey stripes.RP'd by moon

Former ApprenticesEdit


Former KitsEdit




Pineconeclaw - dark brown tabby she-cat. RP'd by Patch [Mentor: Barktail]
Swiftfeather - silver ticked tom. RP'd by Patch [Mentor: Lavastep]
Shimmertail - black tom tabby she-cat with a white tail. RP'd by Patch [Mentor: Lavastep]
Darkfrost - black she-cat. RP'd by Patch [Mentor: Brushrustle]


Beepaw - golden tabby tom with black bee-like stripes. RP'd by Mink [Mentor: Risingstar]
Lilacpaw - dilute tortoiseshell she-cat. RP'd by Mink [Mentor: Cricketstep]


Mothkit - creamy-white she-cat. RP'd by Mink [Mentor: Risingstar]

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