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Oilpelt warrior file
Current Clan CaveClan
Past Clans None
Age 39 moons (3.25 years)
Cause of Death Killed by Almondkit
Status Deceased
Names Kit: Oilkit
Apprentice: Oilpaw
Warrior: Oilpelt
Mother Stoatscar
Father Runningstrike
Siblings Creekdew, Pumpkinfrost

Half-siblings: Winterfall, Dewfur, Pinefrost, Speedkit

Mate Froststorm
Kit(s) Newtkit, Blizzardheart, Frozenwind
Mentor(s) Stormstar
Apprentices None
Stories Living
Stories Deceased None
Owner Ash

Oilpelt is a handsome black tom with yellow eyes and a torn ear.



Oilpelt is fluffy with sleek shiny handsome fur, it will sometimes have a small knot in it but it almost never tangles, and when it does tends to loosen on its own. His fur is in between thick and thin, so he is warm in Leaf-bare and cool in Greenleaf. He doesn't have very broad shoulders but they aren't scrawny, he is also in between that but his shoulders are strong.
He doesn't have sort legs, he, in fact, has pretty long, powerful legs. He can run fast, as fast as his father, where he got his legs and body from, probably.
He has a long fluffy tail, which has, if you look very closely, has a twisted tip. He has small paws, but long claws, the tips poke out from his paws, making them look like white speckles.
He is pretty skinny, not as skinny as his father, but close. So he's in between a skinny hunter and a bulky fighter, though he's not very bulky, but he finds his strengths. His fur is also thick, and it is the color of oil, hence, giving him the name "Oilpelt" He has small streaks of lighter grays going through it, making him look a tiny bit mottled. He has large, sunflower colored eyes. He has a narrow head and muzzle also.


Oilpelt has sort of a strange personality, he is mainly cheerful and likes shoving his nose into other cats business, he often seems to act crazy, he does this on purpose because he thinks it's funny.
He likes to joke around too, and thinks way too many things are funny. He is a very fun cat to hang out with, and if any cat is feeling down, Oilpelt's probably a good choice to go to to feel better.
He is huge dork, and loves to act stupid, and lazy. But Oilpelt does have a bit of a darker side. He has a strong hatred to kittypets, loners, and rogues and he doesn't trust easily, and he can attack if he is put off.
Oilpelt also seems to enjoy hitting cats, mainly in the face. He does it because he thinks watching other cats in pain is funny, and he also thinks hurting himself, doing something dumb, is funny too.
He is very defensive of his kin, mainly his kits, and is very cold and scornful when having to trust another cat to protect them. He wishes to protect everyone and is hard on himself when he fails at this and needs help.
He hates having help, he wants to begin something on his own, and finish it on his own, and if he can't, and needs help, he is very pissy and angry. One of his worst fears is failing, so this is probably caused by that.
He is adventurous, he loves to sneak off and get into a thrilling danger, and return, without a scratch on him. Oilpelt likes dragging his feet around to annoy other cats, also, but is still very eager to help with anything.


Oilpelt doesn't have any outstanding skills, but he is a very skilled fighter, some cats say he is one of the most feared warriors to face in battle.
His size is perfect, he is heavy and muscular enough to pin cats to the ground, along with giving powerful blows, and small and skinny enough to be swift on his paws and dodge away from cats.
On the other hand, he isn't the best hunter.


Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

Oilkit is born to Runningstrike and Stoatscar, along with Pumpkinkit and Creekkit. He is rarely seen, but is extremely fearful and is too scared to leave the nursery. He is mentioned a few times. He is seen climbing over Stoatscar flank, although not mentioned by name, trying to comfort his mother after Runningstrike broke up with her.
Moons later, Oilkit is made an apprentice along with Creekpaw and Pumpkinpaw. He is given the mentor Stormriver. He becomes more playful and leaves the den more and interacts with his Clanmates. He is first seen as an apprentice touching his nose to Stormriver's. Not long later, Dewbramble dies and he comes up to Creekpaw and Stoatscar who are grieving over the loss of the medicine cat, Stoatscar the saddest since he was her brother. He asks Creekpaw what happened, Creekpaw replies saying the medicine cat saved him from a fox. Oilpaw then sits next to Stoatscar, to comfort her.
Creekpaw then asks where Runningstrike was. Oilpaw doesn't know so he decides they should go find him, Oilpaw dashes into the forest without waiting for his brothers reply. Oilpaw hops around everywhere, sniffing bracken and brambles and ferns for any sighs of their father. Creekpaw asks Oilpaw if he can smell anything and Oilpaw says he can't and starts digging at the earth. Creekpaw wonders what he is doing and Oilpaw yells that he's looking for him, acting like his father somehow got underneath the earth. Oilpaw gives up his extreme digging very quick and sits down, looking wild. Creekpaw asks him what was wrong and Oilpaw says they aren't going to find him, Creekpaw then questions him with why. Oilpaw sighs and says there's no sigh of him. He then asks Creekpaw what he would do if Stoatscar got a new mate.
Creekpaw tells him he'd be sad and Oilpaw hopes that she doesn't get a new mate, thinking he'd be annoying and acting like he's their real father. Creekpaw states they don't have to listen to what he says. Oilpaw goes to the bright side of things and thinks it'd be fun, they could mess with him all the time and play tricks on him, Oilpaw starts laughing. He says that she still might not get a new mate. Creekpaw agrees, saying the toms in RockClan, besides them, are bad. Oilpaw suddenly stops laughing and looks fretful and asks what if Stoatscar went with Mossypebble, saying he's not all too bad and he's single... Oilpaw shudders a bit. Creekpaw suddenly looks shocked. Oilpaw misunderstands why he's shocked and shakes his head praying to StarClan it wouldn't happen. Creekpaw starts laughing that that wasn't why he was shocked and that he thought, all this time, he thought Mossypebble as a she-cat, not ever talking to the tom before.
Oilpaw squeals in laughter and falls on the ground and can't believe it. Oilpaw then tries to stop, weak and out of breath and says that Creekpaw is really blind to things, Creekpaw agrees with a purr. Oilpaw decides that where ever Mossypebble is, and when he gets back, he was telling him that Creekpaw thought he was a beautiful molly. Creekpaw doesn't seem to mind and says he always pictured him as golden-yellow with blue eyes and a high voice. Oilpaw agrees with beautiful and Creekpaw adds how awkward it would be if he really did become mates with Stoatscar. Oilpaw believes this will never happen, saying Runningstrike would be so mad. He begins laughing that maybe they could fight to the death. Creekpaw agrees, saying it'd be cool, and he could see Runningstrike breathing fire.
Oilpaw then brings up crushes, asking Creekpaw if he had any. Creekpaw doesn't and asks Oilpaw if he does. When Oilpaw pretty much just shrugs with gleaming eyes Creekpaw commands him to spit it out. Oilpaw comes clean and announces to Creekpaw that he liked a cat from DawnClan, named Walnutpaw. Creekpaw doesn't think much of it and just says "Cool". Oilpaw then grows a bit tense and questions Creekpaw if Runningstrike really loved him. Creekpaw doesn't hear him and Oilpaw gets worried what the answer will be and freaks out a little. Oilpaw re asks the question about their father, and Creekpaw asks again what Oilpaw said and Oilpaw screams in his face if Runningstrike liked him. Creekpaw at last replies saying of course. Oilpaw acts happy after this, but doesn't truly believe his brother.
Oilpaw picks up Mossypebble and purrs that he smells a pretty molly, while laughing. Creekpaw questions him who and Oilpaw tells him it was Mossypebble, and that he was going to tell him what Creekpaw thought, and dashes away to camp. Creekpaw chases excitedly after him. Oilpaw finds Mossypebble lying in his nest inside the warriors den, covered in wounds, he doesn't seem to notice the wounds, or he doesn't care. He blabs about how Creekpaw thought he was a she-cat. Creekpaw rushes in and states it was true. Mossypebble just flicks an ear and lies his head down to rest. Sapphireheart comes over to the apprentices and tells them to leave Mossypebble alone to rest, as he was just in a fight with a rogue. Creekpaw tells her it was worth it. Sapphireheart is annoyed by this and Creekpaw mutters under his breath when did she get so bossy. Oilpaw states that Mossypebble is boring and pounces onto Creekpaw.
Creekpaw is annoyed with the slightly older warrior. Oilpaw says she thinks she's top now because she was a warrior. Creekpaw agrees and says that she was annoying. They hear a faint cry farther away. Creekpaw asks if it was Stoatscar, but Oilpaw doesn't really care and asks to play truth-or-dare. Creekpaw agrees and dares Oilpaw to tell Sapphireheart that she was a feisty wench. Oilpaw backs out of the dare, not wanting to make Sapphireheart even madder, and he tells Creekpaw that he's the one who's going to have to tell her that. Creekpaw assures him that the look on her face will be worth it, but Oilpaw doesn't. Creekpaw then gives Oilpaw the new dare of going onto the leaders rock and yowl "I am a wolf!" aloud. Oilpaw eagerly agrees but has something better in mind. He climbs to the top of the rock and screams with all his breath, "I am a piece of dung!" and scrambles back down to his brother.
Oilpaw asks Creekpaw what he picks but Creekpaw thinks they should tell Sapphireheart they were sorry and that they were acting pretty mean. Oilpaw refuses and says it's not like they called her a ShadeClan cat. He agrees bitterly and they go up to the warrior and say their sorry's. Oilpaw quickly asks to do something else. Creekpaw agrees. Dazzlekit comes up to them and says that Wolfstar was going to make her an apprentice that day.
Later, Creekpaw looks up to the red moon and says sadly that Runningstrike left them, for their safety. Oilpaw bitterly says it was easy for him to say, since Creekpaw was clearly Runningstrike favorite, prize winning kit and Oilpaw was nothing. Creekpaw assures him that Runningstrike loves him and that he left so he wouldn't hurt them, but says he'll return to them one day. Oilpaw doesn't believe him and tells Creekpaw that he never wanted to take him out to play though. Mossypebble comes up and assures him that no matter what, Runningstrike really did love him. Oilpaw still doesn't believe it. Creekpaw asks Mossypebble if he saw Runningstrike when he left. Mossypebble looks away and states he did, and that he was fighting the rogue. Oilpaw looks to Creekpaw and says that means there's a slight chance he's alive.
Later, Oilpaw is seen patting the ground. Wolfstar then announces the cats going to the next gathering, Creekpaw and Oilpaw are going with them, along with Darkfrost, Cinderblaze, Sapphireheart, Pumpkinpaw, and Stormriver. When they arrive, Creekpaw exclaims that it was awesome there. Oilpaw agrees and excitedly announces Walnutpaw's there. They greet Walnutpaw. Oilpaw asks Creekpaw if it's bad that he wants to push someone into a tree. Creekpaw asks who he wanted to slam into a tree, Oilpaw replies with himself. Creekpaw wonders why and Oilpaw simply says that he wants to, wondering what it would feel like. Creekpaw thinks it's a bad idea, to Oilpaw's disappointment.
A little while later, after Creekpaw annoys Pumpkinpaw, he greets Oilpaw. The StormClan medicine cat apprentices, whose blind, runs into them. She says she's sorry. Oilpaw cheerfully greets the apprentice. The apprentice asks where he was and Oilpaw tells her right next to her, on her right. The apprentice gives them her name, Foggypaw. Creekpaw noticed, clearly, she was blind and told her she could use her sense of smell to find her way around. Foggypaw replies, saying there are too many scents. Oilpaw excitedly comes up with the idea of her using a stick to find her way around. Oilpaw breaks off from their chat and nudges Creekpaw and points to a pretty brown she-cat who was watching them. Oilpaw tells him to go talk to her. Creekpaw exclaims that he just became an apprentice. Oilpaw chirps that she wants to be his friend. Creekpaw gives in and goes up to the apprentice to chat. Oilpaw shoves him over to her. Creekpaw says hello. The apprentice returns the greeting. Creekpaw asks for her name.
The apprentice tells him it's Brightpaw. Creekpaw says "Cool" (again) Oilpaw, who was watching, flies out of no where and screams that he's Oilpaw. Brightpaw looks at him like he's an idiot and creeps away back to her Clanmates. Creekpaw pretty much just stares at him. Oilpaw proudly says that he's insane. Creekpaw doesn't seem to know what to say, so Oilpaw jumps in asking if he was jealous, with a playful glint in his eyes. Creekpaw simply says no. Oilpaw tells him he should be and silently creeps into the shadows of a tree, though, he trips over a root on the and tells Creekpaw he meant to do that, and then disappears into the shadows.
Wolfstar begins the gathering and mentions Oilpaw and his siblings being the newest apprentices of RockClan. Creekpaw purrs to Oilpaw that Wolfstar is an awesome derpy leader. Oilpaw purrs that Stormriver will also be one, one day. Creekpaw suddenly screams, looking at the moon and running around yowling Oilpaw's name, telling him to look, and that the moon was normal again. Oilpaw says that's great and excitedly runs around with his brother. Creekpaw also points out that means Runningstrike would return. Oilpaw suggests that Runningstrike and Stoatscar may even become mates again. Creekpaw doesn't think this will happen and Oilpaw asks him why he thought so. Creekpaw doesn't have a clear answer and Oilpaw concludes that their relationship was fine before Runningstrike broke up with her so they may have a chance. Creekpaw still doesn't believe so and Oilpaw gets slightly upset. Creekpaw then thinks it would be cool if they did end up back together. Oilpaw agrees, calling him a dork. Creekpaw questions him for the reason of calling him a "dork". Oilpaw replies with blue. Creekpaw gets confused. Oilpaw seems to deny what he said, or doesn't notice it. Creekpaw asks what a dork and blue are and Oilpaw says that Creekpaw's a dork and blue is blue. Creekpaw wonders why he's a dork and Oilpaw says. "Your a swag dork". Creekpaw then points out that they are not even close to being the same thing. Oilpaw says that swag dorks are awesome though. Creekpaw agrees with him.
Oilpaw then follows in Creekpaw and Stormriver's pawsteps when they are returning home. Oilpaw hops over a log on the way back to camp.
Later, a storm strikes RockClan's camp and floods it. Oilpaw pulls Creekpaw onto a floating log. Runningstrike returns to RockClan right at this moment and sees his sons on the log and tells them not to move and that he was coming, also using their kit names. Oilpaw refuses his help and tells him they can help themselves. Runningstrike accepts this and asks where Pumpkinpaw was. Oilpaw assumes she left camp already. Oilpaw then grabs Creekpaw by the neck and throws him out of camp. Oilpaw follows with a leap, he proudly thinks he is strong. Once outside, Creekpaw complains, saying he could have gotten out himself. Oilpaw ignores this and hares off to find his Clanmates. Wolfstar then can't find her son, Morningkit, who is still in the nursery. Creekpaw decides to help her. Oilpaw says that he will, and Creekpaw won't, not wanting him to get hurt. Oilpaw dashes back to camp and swims to the nursery to find Morningkit, Creekpaw follows anyway. Oilpaw exclaims he found the kit first and grabs Morningkit, who is freaking out. Creekpaw grabs Morningkit away from Oilpaw and takes him out of camp, much to Oilpaw's dismay. Wolfstar is mad at them for some reason and Oilpaw simply rolls his eyes and finishes the carry of Morningkit. Wolfstar tells them they will be removing the elders ticks for the next moon.
Oilpaw doesn't understand and argues saying that he saved her son and now she's punishing him for it. Wolfstar just says they've been bickering a lot. Oilpaw gets angry, not understanding what was wrong with that and stomps off. They then go on a journey to their new home, since their old one was flooded.
Later, they get to their new camp, Oilpaw bounds in with Stoatscar close behind. Oilpaw is seen playing with a feather a little bit later. After Ioheart joins the Clan, Oilpaw tells her she needs to ditch her goggles, which she has around her neck. Ioheart refuses and Oilpaw doesn't give up. Creekpaw comes up and says Ioheart can do whatever she wants. Oilpaw growls that she'll make them look like kittypets and Creekpaw doesn't think looks matter but Oilpaw says he does care about the way they look, thinking it would make them seem weak to the other Clans. Creekpaw says too bad and Oilpaw mocks him. Creekpaw exclaims that that doesn't even make sense. Oilpaw screams he doesn't know and bolts out of camp.
During Oilpaw's retreat from his brother, he stumbles upon a cliff, at the bottom, is a cat, who's still alive. Creekpaw comes over. Oilpaw exclaims that the cat is hurt and he flies over the cliff without thinking, and lands with a loud thud, but on his paws. Creekpaw follows and shakes the cat. Oilpaw yowls at him to stop. Oilpaw asks the frosty white she-cat if she's alright. She replies yes and then wails that her fur is dusty when she lays her eyes over her pelt. Creekpaw tells her they all have dusty fur from being in the wild. The she-cat whines that she shouldn't and doesn't want fleas. After Creekpaw and Frosty babble with each other, Creekpaw says he's a Clan cat. Frosty gets scared and backs into Oilpaw. She squeals in terror and Oilpaw grabs and begins to drag the she-cat back to camp. Frosty yowls to be let go, thrashing around. Creekpaw tells Oilpaw to stop. Oilpaw replies, saying she wouldn't survive without them. Creekpaw decides that's true. Oilpaw drags the she-cat back to camp and brings her to Wolfstar. He tells her he found a new Clanmate, throwing Frosty in front of their leader. Wolfstar asks if she agrees to joining. Frosty does.
Later, a fox attacks the camp and one looms over Oilpaw and Pumpkinpaw, not noticing the creature. Creekpaw leaps in to save them right before the fox could kill them. Oilpaw runs to Creekpaw, dodging past some foxes and asks if he was alright. Creekpaw sort of is. Oilpaw thanks Creekpaw for saving him. Stoatscar suddenly flies over him to a fox. He never knew she could fight so savagely. Creekpaw licks Oilpaw's fur and tells Oilpaw how impressed he is with Stoatscar and Mossypebble are in a fight, as they recently did end up becoming mates. Oilpaw says cool and begins dragging Creekpaw to the nursery and laughs a little. Creekpaw asks why he was taking him to the nursery and Oilpaw points out that it's better then being right in the middle of the battle. The battle ends and Stoatscar curls up around a tree stump and Oilpaw goes to sit with her. After awhile, he pulls away from her to help the Clan.
Creekpaw calls to Oilpaw and asks him if he wanted to play a prank on their parents. Oilpaw doesn't hear him though, all he heard was Creekpaw calling him Oils. He questions Creekpaw and tells him if he ever called him that again he would kill him. Creekpaw asks why and Oilpaw repeats "Oils?" Creekpaw simply states that it's short for Oilpaw. Oilpaw then decides to call Creekpaw Creekly for now on. He asks Creekpaw what they are doing and Creekpaw leads him. They though, end up not doing it.
Later, after Fernkit is made an apprentice, Creekpaw comes over to Oilpaw, Oilpaw tells him Stormriver's mad with Creekpaw. Creekpaw wonders why and Oilpaw says he's been calling Creekpaw for a patrol for awhile. Oilpaw then leaves camp alone, sniffing along a path. Oilpaw finds a patrol led by Darknose, but Darknose was playing with a pebble. Oilpaw asks him that he thought he was supposed to be leading the patrol, instead of playing around. Darknose drops the pebble and goes back to patrolling. Runningstrike's voices then start to mess with him and Oilpaw looks at him.
Runningstrike begins talking to himself and Oilpaw stiffly pokes him and asks if he's alright. Runningstrike replies, saying his mind is filled with voices. Oilpaw doesn't seem to know what to say. When Runningstrike starts muttering again, Oilpaw offers to punch him in the face. Runningstrike asks what would that do. Oilpaw shrugs and says he's going hunting, then Runningstrike tells him to do it if he thinks it'll work, purring slightly. Oilpaw slams his paw into Runningstrike's head and Runningstrike stumbles from it and looks at Oilpaw. Oilpaw exclaims that it was fun. Runningstrike seems to ask thanks and still keeps muttering, annoying Oilpaw so he hisses and leaves his father behind.
Oilpaw comes back to camp to overhear Frosty saying to Creekpaw that she's too cold to hunt, and says that moving will warm her, and calls her stupid. Frosty growls and agrees, Oilpaw decides to join the two on the hunt. Frosty tells them to call her Frostpaw for now on. Frostpaw was saying something when Oilpaw throws a mossball in her face. Frostpaw is outraged and throws the moss into Oilpaw's. Creekpaw tackles the two fighting apprentices. After Frostpaw and Creekpaw start to chat, Oilpaw hisses and walks away. Creekpaw then slips away from Frostpaw to annoy Pumpkinpaw, so Oilpaw glares at Frostpaw, having bitter thoughts. Frostpaw returns his glare. They fight again later.
Dazzlepaw, a new apprentice, and his friend, is shoving a shrew into his face, Oilpaw doesn't seem to noticed, too busy glaring at Frostpaw. Dazzlepaw and Creekpaw decide to stop Oilpaw and Frostpaw's hatred towered each other and Creekpaw talks to Oilpaw, while Dazzlepaw goes to Frostpaw. Creekpaw tells him that it has to stop. Scorchpaw comes over and agrees that it does. Oilpaw flattens his ears and asks what has to stop. Creekpaw tells him with him and Frostpaw hating each other, Oilpaw replies that it can go on as long as he wants it to. Creekpaw exclaims that it's getting annoying. Oilpaw yowls that she's a stupid, annoying, kittypet. Creekpaw hisses that Frostpaw used to be a kittypet, but is as much as a Clan cat as Oilpaw is now. Scorchpaw agrees. Oilpaw stands up, bristling and says he doesn't have to listen to them. Creekpaw yowls that of course he doesn't, but it's getting too annoying, Scorchpaw agrees, once more.
Oilpaw flies at Creekpaw in a hissy fit and attacks with unsheathed claws. Creekpaw calls him an idiot and says he's hurt everyone, Oilpaw doesn't listen and keeps attacking. Dazzlepaw runs over to stop the scuffle but has her eye ranked by Creekpaw, as he defended himself from Oilpaw. She screams and this breaks up the fight. Oilpaw is sitting, watching Dazzlepaw. Smokestorm comes over and demands what happened, Creekpaw says it's him and Oilpaw's fault. Oilpaw, outraged, yelps his fault, and that Creekpaw was the one who clawed her. Oilpaw screams for everyone to shut up when they all start arguing. Oilpaw watches Vinefur fix Dazzlepaw, with horror in his eyes. Creekpaw mentions him to Vinefur, while reciting what happened. Stormriver, angry tells them they can't leave camp for a moon, with a glare at Oilpaw and Creekpaw.
Oilpaw goes to his den, feeling shameful. He tells himself he hates Creekpaw. Scorchpaw comes to Oilpaw and tells him Creekpaw is a jerk. Oilpaw nods sadly and says he is so sorry about Dazzlepaw. A little bit later, Creekpaw yells at Oilpaw that he almost killed him. Oilpaw starts shaking his head and bolts away from camp, running at lightning speed. He leaps into a stream so no one can follow his scent trail and paddles quietly through the river. A loner named Flash finds Oilpaw and asks if he's Creekpaw's brother. Oilpaw freezes and asks who wants to know and why. Flash tells him his name and explains that he saved Creekpaw from dying and asks if he was attacked by something. Oilpaw growls that it's nothing he needs to know. Flash doesn't give up and keeps asking. Oilpaw flips out and asks why does he care so much, leaping out of the water to face him. Flash tells him he needs to know and Oilpaw says that he did it and is freaking out once more. Flash puts a paw on Oilpaw and tells him to calm down, and says he was guessing he did it by mistake.
Oilpaw screams for Flash to let him go. Flash meows something, then runs off. Oilpaw runs away, with Frostpaw on his trail. Oilpaw and Frostpaw aren't seen again. He is often mentioned by Runningstrike and Creekdew. Creekdew, Dazzleheart, and Scorchclaw decide to search for Oilpaw, but end up failing, much to Dazzleheart's dismay.


About four moons later, Runningstrike decides to look for Oilpaw, Dazzleheart joins him and the two search for him. They come across Frostpaw, who renamed herself Froststorm. They ask if Oilpaw is with her and she tells them he's now named Oilpelt and he is hunting. Runningstrike then leaves, bellowing Oilpelt's name, leaving Froststorm and Dazzleheart behind. Froststorm begins to kit, having two toms and a she-cat, Oilpelt being the father. Oilpelt is hunting when he hears paws, he creeps over to them to see Runningstrike.
Oilpelt greets Runningstrike with a hello. Runningstrike tells him he was looking for him. Oilpelt says he wasn't thanking him for it though, and Runningstrike asks why. Oilpelt tells him he can find his own way home. Runningstrike flips out a little and Oilpelt gives him a calm retort. Runningstrike then tells Oilpelt the reason that he was never there for him was because he was scared Oilpelt would think he was crazy because of his voices. Oilpelt simply says he still could have tried. Runningstrike tells him that he has always been hated his whole life and he didn't want that again with Oilpelt. Oilpelt, not angry with Runningstrike, but disappointed in him, doesn't reply and walks away. Runningstrike hisses and goes back to camp.
Froststorm, Dazzleheart, and Oilpelt return to camp, each carrying a kit. Pumpkinfrost and Creekdew are fighting and Oilpelt is reunited with them by breaking up the fight, calling Creekdew by Creekly. Oilpelt tells Creekdew that Froststorm has had kits and Creekdew is pleased about this. After this, Oilpelt and Scorchclaw have a talk, after this, they leave each other in peace.
When the badgers attack, Oilpelt leaps into battle. After the battle, Oilpelt's mate, Froststorm is killed, along with one of his sons, Newtkit. Blizzardkit huddles underneath him as half the Clan leaves due to the sickness. Creekdew announces he is going to CaveClan. Oilpelt runs to him and can't believe it. Oilpelt casts a glance at Blizzardkit and Frozenkit, and tells Creekdew he knows his kit will be safe with Runningstrike, and goes with Creekdew to CaveClan. Creekdew and Oilpelt begin their trip to CaveClan, but slow when they smell blood. Oilpelt's finds a trail of blood and the two follow it, it being from Fernpaw. They find Talonfang pulling Fernpaw's body back to camp, they think she may have killed her, but Talonfang assures them that Fernpaw slipped and fell on a rock, causing her death.
Firepoppy stops them and asks what they are doing there. When they explain, Sandclaw leads them back to camp, where they see Dazzleheart, who joined CaveClan. Oilpelt dips his head and greets the CaveClan cats. Bramblefire greets Oilpelt, and he returns the greeting. Oilpelt thinks CaveClan names are weird, after hearing the she-cats name. Brookpaw asks about Sunpaw and they chat about her for a little while.
About a moon or so later, Oilpelt appears next to Creekdew, looking wild. Creekdew greets him and Oilpelt sucks in his breath and returns the greeting. Creekdew exclaims that him and Moletail fought a fox. Oilpelt asks if they lived, in which Creekdew nods to. Oilpelt begins to talk about Moletail, saying that she has a thing for Creekdew. Creekdew seems quite surprised, asking if Oilpelt really thought that. Oilpelt thinks she does, pointing out that she's always watching him, trying to hunt and patrol with him all the time, knowing his scent better than her own siblings. Creekdew gives Moletail an awkward look and changes the subject to when he thought Mossypebble was a she-cat. Oilpelt laughs and recalls when they fought over who carried Morningpaw when the camp flooded when he was a kit. Morningpaw as a kit reminds Oilpelt when he was too fearful to leave the nursery, which makes him sadly think of Stoatscar, who was taken by the sickness, and how he barely grieved for her, grieving more for Froststorm and Newtkit.
Dazzleheart walks by, moss in her jaws, and gives Oilpelt a quick glance and scrambles away. Creekdew asks why she ran away. Oilpelt doesn't know, saying Dazzleheart's always been a bit strange. Creekdew then wonders how Runningstrike is doing, with all his kits leaving RockClan, and with Ioheart leaving him. Oilpelt brushes this carelessly off, saying he was probably fine. Creekdew then says he heard Runningstrike talking to someone before they left RockClan. Oilpelt asks who, and Creekdew says probably one of his voices. Oilpelt replies gruffly saying he's always done that. Creekdew asks what he thinks of Pinekit, Winterkit, and Dewkit. Oilpelt says he thinks they are okay, saying Pinekit's alright, Dewkit's annoying, and there's something about Winterkit... He stops when he realizes that dogs were attacking by the border, and he nudges Creekdew and tells him there's a battle, and springs over to the gathered cats. Creekdew joins him and they out on the patrol, and Oilpelt's fights alongside Creekdew. Oilpelt's hits a dog in the eye. After the dogs flee, Oilpelt sits down, breathing heavily, and one eye swollen shut. Creekdew asks him if he's alright and Oilpelt simply nods.
Oilpelt glances at Eagletalon, who was killed in the battle, and Firepoppy pounds over and tells him to not just stand there, and grabs the deceased warrior ungracefully and pounds heavily away. The next morning, Oilpelt leaves Dustfeather's den with a puzzled face, thinking sarcasticly how nice the medicine cat is, glancing at his paw, which had a cut on it, from annoying Dustfeather too much. Creekdew comes over and asks how the new medicine cat is, Oilpelt says Dewbramble was sweet next to him, gruffly licking his cut. Oilpelt goes on, saying he thought medicine cats were supposed to be kind, while licking his back. Creekdew agrees. At the mention of Dewbramble, Oilpelt wonders how Dewbramble's daughter, Riverpaw, who had run away from RockClan long before, is doing. Creekdew hopes she's okay, resitting how she wanted to shred Morningpaw when she left.


"So, Oilkit and Pumpkinkit and Creekkit are ready to be apprentices. Oilkit, I name you Oilpaw, Stormriver will mentor you."
Wolfstar during Oilpaw's apprentice ceremony in RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 20 Edit



Froststorm: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Newtkit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Frozenwind: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Blizzardheart: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Runningstrike: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Stoatscar: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Creekdew: Living (As of CaveClan/Roleplay)


Pumpkinfrost: Living (As of DawnClan/Roleplay)


Winterfall: Living (As of ShadeClan/Roleplay)
Pinefrost: Living (As of ShadeClan/Roleplay)


Dewfur: Living (As of ShadeClan/Roleplay)
Speedkit: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Sagenose: Living (As of RockClan/Roleplay)


Luna: Living (As of Loners & Rogues/Roleplay)
Bluepuddle: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Flash: Living (As of Loners & Rogues/Roleplay)
Duskwing: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Great Aunt:

Slash: Living (As of Loners & Rogues/Roleplay)

Great Grandfather:

Sharp: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Great Grandmother:

Berry: Deceased, Residence Unknown



Creekdew Edit

He loves his brother almost more then his own life. He would die for Creekdew. He always thought of himself as the leader of the "swag team" as he would call it. Always bossing orders to his brother. But he always did it because he wanted Creekdew to have an extra push to getting used to being told what to do. Though, that was when Oilpelt would speak to his brother, as he was a very fearful kit, never daring to seat paw outside. And he was slightly terrorified of Creekdew, but this loosened.
In apprentice years, Oilpelt's bossyness chilled a little into more of a dope and was now acting crazy, and acting more like he should have as a kit. He became Creekdew's best friend, they never left each others side and always stood together and did everything together. He even told Creekdew about his very first crush, who he would never dare tell anyone else.
But after Froststorm showed up in RockClan, Oilpelt sort of changed. He became more gloomy and had a growing hatred inside him. He started spending less and less time with Creekdew and barley spoke to him. He hated kittypets, he didn't want his Clan to seem weak about having this kittypet with them. But Creekdew sort of defended her, which made Oilpelt begin to disown his brother.
Then the day came when Creekdew and Dazzleheart were fed up with him and Froststorm's fights. They tried to talk sense to them, Creekdew did to Oilpelt. Oilpelt let his rage fly out and attack Creekdew, this fight leaving Dazzleheart blind in an eye, Creekdew hating him, half the Clan disowning him. He fled, he couldn't face his Clan or his brother again after all the trouble he caused.
Later on though, Oilpelt returned to RockClan, and Creekdew and Oilpelt's relationship mended and they are best friends again.

Stoatscar Edit

To be honest, he was horrorfied of his mother when he was kits, being scared of everything in sight, so his mom weren't very welcoming to him.
Stoatscar's scar freaked him out, and he thought she was kind of crazy and she seemed to try and push him too fast and hard out of his shell when he wasn't ready to go out into the world, since all kits come out when they feel ready, most kits seemed to be out already when he was about apprentice age but he needed more time, so he really loves her, she just freaked him out a lot when he was a kit.
Now older, he loves his mother and isn't scared to talk back to her or badmouth her. Of course he would never badmouth his mother, but still, he isn't scared of her anymore and loves her with all his heart. When she hooked up with Mossypebble, he was in utter shock since he pretty much foretold the future, because as an apprentice, he and Creekdew were chattering about their parents being split up, and he was hoping Mossypebble wouldn't become her mate.

Runningstrike Edit

Just like Stoatscar, Runningstrike was scary, with his voices and all. But Runningstrike was worse to him then Stoatscar. Stoatscar acted like she was doing what she did because she was worried about him but Runningstrike seemed to not care what's so ever, he only seemed to worry or talk to Creekdew and never even looked at Oilpelt. This hurt Oilpelt more then he ever thought it would, and he realized this at an older age how much it hurt, like claws ranking over his heart.
He often had awful nightmares of himself being savagely attacked by foxes and Runningstrike leaving him there to bleed out and die alone, but that's what he felt like around his father, he really felt like Runningstrike would do that. Every time he walked by it hurt him when he didn't even cast, not even an uncaring look at him. He tried to impress his father as he grew older but nothing ever seemed to work, even after he tried to prove himself by saving Creekdew from drowning.
He even questioned Creekdew about Runningstrike's true feeling to him. After so much time passed, trying to show him how strong and brave he had become, Oilpelt gave up as Runningstrike showed no interest. This also made him more angry, and wanting to be great at everything because he thinks that he sucks at everything so much he couldn't even get his dad to like him. As of now Oilpelt has mixed opinions about his father, all not very good ones.
Still, to this day, he doesn't quite like Runningstrike too well, and is very jerky about the fact that he left Runningstrike to care for Blizzardpaw and Frozenpaw.

Pumpkinfrost Edit

He was also utterly scared of his sister, even though she's pretty harmless, to him now anyway. He always got super scared when she told him what to do or when she wanted to leave camp, so he tried to stay away from her so she wouldn't somehow hurt him.
Over time, his fear for his sister ebbed away to be replaced by the urge to annoy her to death, everyday, for the rest of her life. He didn't of course, got too bored of her snaps and complaints over him and Creekdew.
So he just looks at her like she's a lump of dung, well, he won't really say this out loud, but he really loves her and thinks of her more as a lovely rose bush more then a piece of dung.

Love InterestsEdit

Walnutstripe Edit

Walnutstripe was the first she-cat around his age he ever met, besides his sister and Dazzleheart. They both grew crushes on each other pretty fast.
They met at the DawnClan border to play games and just chat all the time, nearly every night. She sort of helped Oilpelt come out of his, "Scared of everything" shell and he is so grateful for that.
Oilpelt doesn't think it was love now that times has passed and he's gotten older, and he thinks that it was just an excitement to meet another cat his age, he thinks Walnutstripe understood this and they still are good friends to this day.

Froststorm Edit

He hated Froststorm with all his heart, he wanted her to burn, die slowly and painfully. He hated her the moment he laid eyes on her stupid smug face. He hated everything about her, how rude she was to the Clan cats, how annoying she was, and he hates kittypets with a burning passion. He didn't want her kittypet blood to soften the Clan and make the other Clans think they were weak.
She seemed to return his hatred. They fought everyday and night, every moment they saw each other they would glare. Oilpelt began to darken more then ever after she joined the Clan. He hated her, and all the Clan supported her, he felt like they all betrayed him, stabbed him in the back for siding with her over him.
He and Froststorm got so bad with each other, Creekdew and Dazzleheart decided to talk them out of their anger to each other, they failed awfully and Oilpelt fought with Creekdew, leaving Dazzleheart blind in an eye. He ran away after this, he couldn't look at his Clanmates, he knew it was his fault for Dazzlepaw's injury. He couldn't face the glares, he ran away after this and Froststorm chased after him, thinking he deserved to be punished.
He was on his adventure away from the Clans, with Froststorm his only help. They fought all day and all night but after Froststorm was captured by Holly's rogues, he realized how much he cared for her. He saved her and the two fought their way out from Holly's camp. Oilpelt began to slowly began to ask her to become his mate abd how he felt, but Froststorm stopped him telling him she knew what he was was going to say and said, "I do."
Froststorm learned she was going to have his kits and they both wanted their kits to live in RockClan so they began their trip back. They had three kits and they lived happily together until Froststorm died bravely in the battle with the badgers, losing their son, Newtkit, with her. Oilpelt will never love anyone else or ever forget the three words she said to him before she left him, "I love you."


Scorchclaw Edit

Scorchclaw was one of Oilpelt's first friends. He was, of course, no surprise at all, scared of him at first but his fear of him stopped as he realized how cool Scorchclaw was. They hang out quite a bit but not as much as Oilpelt would have liked, as he quickly became an apprentice and didn't get to see his bud that much.
Scochclaw also became an apprentice and they rarely ever saw each other, the only times when they got to train together, which was not a whole lot, or got back from camp from training, too tired to play or chatter, or went on patrol.
Oilpelt misses spending time with his friend and hopes that one day they'll be able to get together how they used to when they were young.

Dazzleheart Edit

Dazzleheart is like the nicer sister he never had, he loves her to death and would do anything for her. She was the first cat he ever felt okay with talking to or playing with. He spent a lot of his kithood with her and was super happy when she became an apprentice, he was mad at Wolfstar for waiting so long to make her one.
She was always kind to him, always gave him more time when others gave up on him. She was always there for him, even when they were busy apprentices, she always seemed to know when he was in trouble or when he was down.
She brightened him easily with her kindness and being so gentle. He never felt romantic feelings for her the way she did, and even failed to see them whenever she looked at him with that love gleaming in her eyes.

Enemies Edit

Froststorm Edit

Read in Love Interests


Wolfstar Edit

He wasn't all that crazy over Wolfstar, he sort of thought she waited too long on thing, example: a new deputy, Dazzleheart and Scorchclaw's apprenticeship. He also kind of thought she was a drama queen and over reacted to some things that didn't matter, and never even cared to glance if it really did matter.
He did think she was a good leader but he wouldn't be all excited if she came back to life. He doesn't like her too much also for the reason she didn't even seem to think about it when she allowed Frostpaw to join the Clan.
He was all worried that she would show how weak they all were and this was Wolfstar's fault for letting her stay.

Quotes Edit

Oilpaw: "Is it bad to really want to push someone into a tree?"
Creekpaw: "Who do you want to slam into a tree?"
Oilpaw: "Myself."
Creekpaw: "Why?"
Oilpaw: "I want to.... I wonder what it feels like..."
Creekpaw: "Bad idea."
Oilpaw: "Aw..."
Oilpaw to Creekpaw in RockClan/roleplay/Archive 22 Edit
Oilpaw to Brightpaw in RockClan/roleplay/Archive 22 Edit
"She's stupid, annoying, a kittypet!"
Oilpaw on Frostpaw in RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 28 Edit
Oilpelt: "I still wish you would have stayed put, like you always do."
Runningstrike: "You know why I stay put? I don't think you remember this, but I came and visited you in the nursery, and voices haunted my head. I saw a terrified look on your face, maybe I misunderstood the look, who knows? But what I saw, was a scared look. So I stayed put!"
Oilpelt: "You still could have tried."
Runningstrike: "My whole life, people stared at me, thought I was insane, hated me. All kinds of things, I didn't want to try since I didn't want to have that again. I know I was a coward, but I loved you. I thought you didn't love me back."
Oilpelt and Runningstrike in RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 35 Edit
"I know they'll be safe here, with Runningstrike. But where ever you go, I follow."
Oilpelt about Blizzardkit and Frozenkit to Creekdew in RockClan/Roleplay/Archive 38 Edit



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