“Look,” he sighed, staring at the ground. “Sometimes StarClan or the Dark Forest is decided by a mere decision. She just chose wrong.”



“Please just listen to me!” The silver she-cat wailed, ears flattening. “We can still be friends, just listen!”

The second she-cat, dark as a crow, did not look at her. Instead her gaze remained on the stars. Her ear flicked. “We can’t be friends anymore,” she stated flatly. “I can’t believe you would do that to me.”

“I didn’t know, honest!” The first cat wailed. “It’s… it’s the training that’s getting to your head, you know that?”

The black she-cat’s head turned sharply. “I told you to never speak of that!” she snapped. The silver she-cat, looking somewhat pleased with herself, leaned back.

“We both have our faults,” she mewed. “Why can’t you just accept yours?” “I didn’t do what you did!” Suddenly they stopped. The silver cat looked at her paws. “I have been a horrible friend,” she admitted softly, “but I regret nothing. I loved-”

“So did I!” The black she-cat exploded, fury lighting her gaze. “I can never forgive you, don’t you understand?” The silver she-cat’s gaze hardened.

“No,” she growled. “I’ve put up with this for too long. You have done nothing but lie and cheat since you were an apprentice, and I have been nothing but supportive and kind. But when I make a mistake? I’m the bad guy?” Her voice was rising in anticipation. “Honestly, I should have let you suffer when I had the chance.”

The black she-cat flinched, but did not reply for a long moment. “Are you going to tell them? What I did?”

“I don’t know,” the silver cat responded icily, though there was a surge of hesitation. “Are you going to tell them my little secret?”

“Why did you hesitate?” The black cat growled warningly. The silver cat didn’t respond or meet her friend’s gaze. “You already told them, didn’t you?”

“Only... only Applefern,” she mumbled.

“Only Applefern?” The black cat screeched.

“She is my sister!” the silver she-cat protested, head jerking up. “We can trust her, I promise!” “I’m done with your promises!” The dark she-cat snapped. “Maybe I’m training, but you’re a liar and a cheater.”

“I am not!” “You backed out of your promise!”

“Only for a good reason!” Now the black she-cat was stalking forward and  the silver cat backwards, leering towards a gorge wall. Suddenly the silver cat’s eyes widened.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she whispered. The black she-cat smiled.

“Maybe you were right,” she murmured. “Maybe we just weren’t cut out to be friends.”

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