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Current Clan Loners and Rogues
Past Clans None
Age 18 moons
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Unknown
Names Rogue: Lola
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mate Unknown
Kit(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentices Unknown
Stories Living Unknown
Stories Deceased Unknown
Owner whiskers
Lola is a pale torbie-and-white she-cat.



Lola has sleek and short fur, that's usually very well-groomed and fairly thick. Her fur isn't the easiest to groom, but she prides in her beautiful coat and grooms it as often as possible, at least when she isn't covered in wounds. Lola is a pale torbie she-cat, covered in pale ginger-brown and silver patches with mackerel tabby stripes. Unlike her sister, Lola is primarily white, her muzzle, front legs, belly, hind legs, chest, and throat being a snow-white. Her fur clings tightly to her well-shaped and thin body, and often has shine to it. Her pelt is very soft to the touch, like touching a cloud if possible.
Lola's bone structure is fairly thin, but not very delicate like most she-cat's. She has a fairly muscular build, but doesn't look super bulky, in fact, she looks thin and pretty, as if she isn't a threat. Lola has larger and powerful lungs and longer legs, making her a fast cat with great endurance. She has a smaller, finely shaped head on smaller-sized shoulders. After her lungs, her stomach caves in slightly, giving her a curvy shape. Despite being fairly skinny, she eats more than a normal cat, but burns it all off. Lola has a very cute nose that stands out on her white muzzle, it's pale pink in color, much like her soft and gentle paw-pads. She has very sharp claws of an average length, and fairly sharp white teeth.


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Lola, practically living on her own since kithood, has fantastic survival skills, her fighting and hunting skills being phenomenal. She never really had anyone to learn from, so she simply learned from her mistakes, and she made many. Of course, there were the few generous loners who offered her tips, but Lola mainly learned on her own. Her sharp claws are the perfect weapons for both hunting and fighting, giving her a nice grip on her target. Her teeth are also fine tools, giving her a great grip as well. Her pale pelt occasionally helps Lola, but at times, it gives her away. Her smaller yet stronger build takes her enemies by surprise, giving her an advantage, while her speed helps her chase her target or flee from it.
Lola's other notable skill is her tree-climbing abilities. Her sharp claws give her fantastic grip, while her strength allows her to heave herself onto branches. Being smaller and a lighter weight is also an advantage Lola has in climbing, allowing her to squeeze in between branches and not break them. Her shorter and sleek fur doesn't catch on twigs or branches, enabling her to climb comfortably with no worries. She also has reasonable balance.
Due to living her life alone, Lola has learned a lot about medicines and herbs, allowing her to heal herself and her allies, or poison her enemies. Her gift of great tree-climbing allows her to access herbs that grow in higher places. She has a vast knowledge of numerous herbs, their appearances, and their abilities, as well as their location. Her sharper claws allow her to dig up roots, and her healthy teeth allows her to chew them into the perfect poultice. Most may think she's "good at everything", however, Lola is unable to swim, which is a heavy-hitter when it comes to fleeing from battle, especially since her endurance is terrible.


Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

Born a rogue, Lola was practically doomed from the start. Her parents were poor hunters and terrible at defending her, so her parents were bound to die. And died they did, her mother's death coming first, when the kit was no older than three moons, and it was her fault. The young torbie she-kit had been wandering off, and didn't realize that she had drifted into an unfriendly tom's territory. Her mother quickly followed Lola's scent, only to wind up in a trap, her kit fleeing underneath her mother. Desperate to keep her young offspring safe, Lola's mother fought until the death, the kit managing to flee in the nick of time.
When her father received the news, he was greatly devestated, to the point where he did nothing but sulk off. He taught Lola nothing, and rarely whispered a single word, slowly growing more and more depressed, until he died from it, leaving Lola homeless. Thankfully, she had picked up the basics of hunting and fighting from her parents by obserbing them, despite their poorness in the abilities. She practiced and polished these moves, occasionally aided by generous passer-bys.
One of these passer-bys, who didn't happen to be so generous, was Shadow. It was a fateful encounter, the young molly finding the tom searching for scraps of food as well in a nearby alley. Quick to defend his meal, the skilled former Clancat easily defeated Lola, leaving her amazed, and thankfully alive. She was quick to beg the tom for some help and training, and he reluctantly agreed to aide her. Ever since, she has relied greatly on the tom, despite his disliking.


Practically raised by the displeased Clancat, Lola grew up into a fine and strong molly, and did her best to remain close to Shadow. The tom did his best to push her away, sick of her constant begging and complaining, but he really had no choice...She was the only cat who didn't want to kill him or ignored him, so he managed to stick around a bit.
The two encounter once more after Shadow comes upon Venom and Howl, and it starts to rain. Lola begs the former Clancat to help her unflood her den once more, and he hesitantly agrees. However, when they arrive, he states that there's no saving it this time, and she must find a new home, before he leaves her all alone in the dark, the molly quickly becoming lost.


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Love InterestsEdit

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Lola doesn't see him as a Love Interest, in fact, far from it. He may not consider her the best of friends, but Lola sees him as a source of entertainment, as well as help when her den constantly floods. Coming Soon


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