Graystripe: I`m in love with Silverstream
File:Cat run cycle by nicowulfkat-d554y7j.gif

Bluestar: What!!!!!!!!?????

Tigerclaw: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Whitestorm: What!!!!!!!!???

Graystripe: Uh oh...

Leafstar: *Charges into thunderclan camp* what...

Graystripe: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *trips over stick*

Bluestar: GRAYKITTYPET!!!!!!

Whitestorm: Hiah! *kicks window of camp trailer* uh oh..

Graystripe: WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! *runs and hides*

Bluestar: No were not Graybaby

Graystripe: What is a baby...?

Bluestar: You are a baby.

Fireheart: *barges into center of trailer* Graybaby are u here!?

Graybaby: Yes.

Jayfeather: Hi, I`m from the future.

Graybaby: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs and hides*

Bluestar: *rolls eyes*

Whitestorm: BYE!!!! *jumps into future portal*

Jayfeather: WHITEY YOU`LL DIE IN THERE!!!! *jumps in after Whitestorm*

Fireheart: Bye, I`ll die 2! *jumps into future portal*

Jayfeather: NOOOOOO!!!! DONT COME!!!!! *dies*

Bluestar: Problem solved

Fireheart: NOOOO!!!! JAYIE! SON!!!!

Bluestar: He`s your son?

Sandstorm: *comes up from future portal* Hi guys, wanna die?


Sandstorm: Ok...

Leafstar: Not that loud!!!!


Fireheart: OH NO BLUESTAR IS DEAD!!!!!!!

*crime alert goes off*

Sandstorm: were all gonna die!!!!!

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