Firepoppy is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Firepoppy is a small, strudy, broad-shouldered golden brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes and a torn ear.

Current Clan CaveClan
Past Clans None
Age Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Living
Names Unknown
Mother Whispheart
Father Falconcry
Siblings Whitetoe, two other toms
Mate Sturgeonwhisker
Kit(s) Sorrelkit, Beetlekit, Redkit
Mentor(s) Pebblestar
Apprentices Autumnpaw, Seapaw
Stories Living Unknown
Stories Deceased Unknown
Owner Patch



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Kithood & AdolescenceEdit

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Firepoppy was never truly close with her sister but she loves her dearly. They were much closer as kits, and played all the time. Firepoppy was hyper while Nutgorse was calm, the two didn't quite fit together that much and didn't spend too much time together.
As apprentices, they nearly never, ever saw each other, Firepoppy had things going on, and Nutgorse had her own.
Now warriors, they still aren't very close, but they both love each other and would fight side by side in any battle that comes to them. Nutgorse died though, and Firepoppy misses her very much and wishes they had been closer

Hollygorse & Poppyfennel:

Firepoppy loves both her parents. She loved to play with her father and listen to him tell them stories. He died when she was a very young kit from blood loss in a battle. This hurt her a lot but she stayed on her paws and got through it.
She also loves her mother. Hollygorse didn't play a whole lot, mainly just sat and watched her and Nutgorse play. Hollygorse fell apart when Poppyfennel died, she wouldn't look at Firepoppy anymore, and when she did, she didn't look at her the same way she used to, always having a pang of sadness in her eyes.
Firepoppy knew she didn't cause her mother to to act like this, and Hollygorse was just depressed from Poppyfennel's death. When she decided to become an elder, Firepoppy didn't approve a whole lot but she decided to let Hollygorse chose for herself. The day Hollygorse died on the thunderpath was the day Firepoppy was made a warrior. She was in a deep grief for her mother but didn't show it.

Love InterestsEdit


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She trusted Barktail, she loved him. Barktail had never been a sweet cat, but Firepoppy found a soft spot for him, and so did he, or so she thought.
She thought she could trust him with her life, they would become mates one day, have kits and grow old together. But no, Barktail lied to Firepoppy everytime he said 'I love you.' he was just using her to have kits.
She learned this and was rageful and hurt. She ended up killing him, as he had also betrayed CaveClan by killing a Clanmate. After this, she never trusted another tom - any cat ever again. Barktail is part of the reason why Firepoppy is as cold as she is.



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Character Pixels Edit


  • Firepoppy and Barktail weren't mates, but you could say they were "dating" and Firepoppy was just saying that they were, hoping that would happen one day.
    • It did not work out at all.
  • Firepoppy has the '-poppy' suffix in honor of her father, Poppyfennel.
  • She has killed three RockClan cats, two of which being leaders. I call her the 'RockClan slayer' or the 'Leader slayer'.
  • She reminds me of Peril from Wings of Fire.