If you want your own chat emoticon done, then I can do it, but it will only work on this wiki, and can be used only on chat.

Just show me the image you want the emoticon to be, and what you want to type for the emoticon to come up. The file needs to be an .png I think, and it is best if it is 16 X6px but it can go up to 20X20px and if more then that, then wikia will resize it.

It will take me about anywhere between a few seconds to a day to your request, and the emoticon takes about an hour after finding the request to complete. (As I might have other stuff to do) the emoticon alone should take about three to six mins to do, I will get to it in about two to three none-weekend-days just kidding, I can it anyday.

You can place your request below the heading two.

Emoticon Requests Edit

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