What if Spottedleaf lived? What if Hollyleaf was the third? What if Jayfeather stayed with Half Moon? And more! A very simple Warrior Cats What If! By Spottedwing

What if Ivypool wasn't spying. What if it was the opposite? Did Hawkfrost kill Hollyleaf? Will Ivypool keep her cool when she has kits? And everyone wants to know who the father is? A typical IvyXHawk What If!

"The battle is over! The Clans beat the evil!" Jayfeather cried into the cat-filled crowd. The cats cheered as he called into the air. Dovewing sitting next to her sister whom was still in shock from being saved by Hollyleaf. "It is time for us to return to our own Clans." Jayfeather meowed trying to hide his grief for his sister dying to the claws of Hawkfrost, a Dark Forest cat.

Dovewing sadly turned to her sister. "I feel bad for Jayfeather and Lionblaze. They had just got their sister back." she mewed to her. Ivypool nodded slowly. "Oh why did Hawkfrost have to kill Hollyleaf!" she exclaimed to her sister. Dovewing felt Ivypool tense underneath her. "It is just the way we fight sometimes." she meowed, showing no emotion. Dovewing gave her sister a puzzled look.

"Hollyleaf saved you. Do you know why Hawkfrost might have killed her?" Dovewing asked her sister. "Why would I know anything! I found out about the battle! Not every villains secrets!" Ivypool lashed out at her sister. Dovewing cowered away from her angry sister and whispered, "Okay, okay. I'll leave you be." Ivypool snorted and walked towards the lake.

Dovewing sat alone in camp shortly after the fight with her sister. My sister, she snapped at me... How could she? Is she hiding something? Maybe I'll go look for her. Dovewing stood up slowly and started to leave camp.

"Ivypool? Are you there?" a deep voice called. Ivypool padded out to the lakefront. "Yes, Hawkfrost, I am." Hawkfrost padded closer to Ivypool. "It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Hawkfrost asked. Ivypool nodded. "I couldn't get away. My sister has been bugging me." she told him.

Dovewing rested in the bushes, listening. Hawkfrost! Dovewing couldn't believe her ears. Her sister, meeting an evil cat. Who killed her Clanmates! Dovewing sat there still listening carefully.

Ivypool stiffened. My sister... "Hey, I should go. But I'll see you later, Hawky!" she meowed. Hawkfrost nodded. "I gotta go too... See ya!" And with that Hawkfrost faded away. Ivypool whipped around, and headed back to camp, in the direction of her sister, whom she would talk to later.

How. Dare. She. Maybe I'll show her... Ivypool now stopped at camp, where her sister was now waiting. "Oh hi, Dovewing. Can I talk to you for a moment?"

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