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Risingstar's collected gaze searched the murky forest as she slowly and silently flicked her tail back and forth beneath the rotting oaks branch. The black silver-flecked molly dipped her head spotting both her sister and daughter. Juniperclaw was with a black apprentice she didn't recognize Hm..they must be getting new trainees. The leader leapt down before observing most of her warriors, her "Clan". She called forth all of her cats eyes cold and cruel. "If you have nothing good to do, sulking is not one, then I suggest you better find yourself a kitten, apprentice, or warrior to train else I'll have your hides." She bared her fangs.

Cricketstep watched with pale green eyes. The ginger tabby's scarred face tilting to the left slightly in interest. Of course she had one. Lionpaw, a RockClan apprentice and Hollymask's daughter. The scarred, former medicine cat sneered at the others. About the only cats that Risingstar actually respected was Juniperclaw and herself.

Speaking of the warrior, Juniperclaw was training a new apprentice. She was teaching him of how the Dark Forest worked and what went on. As Risingstar spoke the former warrior told the apprentice to stay quiet as he'd be dead in seconds if he spoke while she spoke. (Insert Sarcasm)Bite Me, Dean! 03:38, October 27, 2016 (UTC)

Darkfrost trained with Brustrustle. She lie beneath him, a large paw planted on her cheek as she breathed heavily. He shook his head, looking disappointed. "You'll never do. You're too weak," he rasped. Darkfrost tried to flail beneath him but gave up a moment later, knowing there was no point. "Yes I can! I could be, I will be! I'm not going to be spot on with this after one day," she pointed out, muffled by his paw. Template:Patchfeather14/Sig 16:17, October 27, 2016 (UTC)

Blizzardstorm did not heed another Dark Forest cat, he dismissed them all as mindless brutes, foolishly training living Clan cats for no reasons at all. They had no plans. As for him? He had countless, dark and brutal plots forming in his cruel mind on a daily basis, and he was slowly spinning a big web of trauma for the pitiful clan cats below....Blizzardstorm had the best plan of all: To create BloodClan. The clan of the lawless brutes who would shower their neighbors with nothing but pain and fear, and with this Clan, he would destroy all others. He did not share his plan just, it was his own.

And he had the perfect idea.

Blizzardstorm, you see, is an extremely cunning character, sticking out like a sore thumb when compared to the typical beefy Dark Forest cats who were there only for mindless murders in attempts to gain or show power. But Blizzardstorm, well, he was different. He did not kill out of the thirst of power, no...he tortured as a form of revenge, and this torture did not result in a swift death.

But, anywho, back to his plan....this cunning character was intelligent beyond belief, he could whip up the darkest and most complex of plans in a matter of seconds...which meant forcing information from StarClan was no trouble: darkness was coming, and he was coming in the form of a kit. And this kit would be Blizzardstorm's apprentice, the apprentice who's mind he would twist until it was as corrupt as it could get.Silverstar 22:34, October 27, 2016 (UTC)

"Huh where am I?" She asked looking around. She saw no moon no light no anything. She was still terrified and still felt the pain of Snapdragon's claws. Then she realized she was dead. This doesn't look like StarClan.--Born Under The Moon But Fight During The Day 22:23, February 28, 2017 (UTC)

"You're in the Dark Forest," said a huge mottled brown tom, Barktail, appearing from the shadows, gazing at her, his yellow eyes cold. Template:Patchfeather14/Sig 22:48, February 28, 2017 (UTC)

"Wh-wha" she was stammering"t-this c-cannot b-be!" She presumed to tell him about why she can't be dead and all she has to loves.--Born Under The Moon But Fight During The Day 23:24, February 28, 2017 (UTC)

"Well, it's too late now. You're dead and not going back," Barktail growled, tail swishing to and fro. Template:Patchfeather14/Sig 01:19, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

"Fine then I'll make the most of it" she replied. She looked at the tom madness and then walked away with an evil,devilish,laugh ringing through the forest.--Born Under The Moon But Fight During The Day 01:40, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

Everything was going splendidly. Nobody knew of Blizzardstorm's horrific plan to destroy the Clans by creating BloodClan. He had selected the perfect mother: Foggysky, StormClan's Medicine Cat. The kit's father was a lunatic by the sound of it, so it made everything even better. After the kit's birth, Blizzardstorm would train the kitten and turn him evil. And then, he'd destroy the Clans. Impossible, right?

Wrong. Nothing was impossible. Blizzardstorm himself had killed the unkillable Brightstar, so killing off all the Clan cats would be a breeze.Silverstar 03:36, March 1, 2017 (UTC)