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Image by Patchfeather





Snowstar- White she-cat


Lightstorm- Yellow she-cat


Littleflight- Yellow tom with black stripes

Sparklesong- White she-cat with black patches

Moonfrost- Gray tom

Cinderfur- Gray she-cat

Firespark- Flame colored tom

Mapledusk- Flame colored she-cat

Nightwave- Black tom

Flaresong- Flame colored she-cat

Lizardflight- Black-and-white tom

Oceanclaw- Yellow tom

Blackstep- Black she-cat

Woodpelt- Brown tom

Medicine cat

Hollysong- Black she-cat


Sparkpaw- Yellow she-cat

Frostpaw- White she-cat

Echopaw- Gray tom

Duskpaw- Black tom



Streamstar- Blue gray she-cat


Waterleaf- Gray she-cat


Frozenstream- White and gray she-cat

Dropspark- Gray tom

Streamsong- Gray she-cat

Waterstream- Blue gray she-cat

Oceanpelt- Gray tom

Sealeaf- Gray she-cat

Reflcectionflight- White she-cat

Deepclaw- Black tom

Drippingfur- Blue gray tom

Featherstorm- White tom


Dewpaw- Blue gray she-cat

Sandpaw- Orange tom

Seapaw- Yellow she-cat

Streampaw- Gray tom

Medicine cat

Dewleaf- Blue gray she-cat

Chapter oneEdit

Dewpaw walked through the forest, slight breeze blowing. "Deepclaw!" The black tom came towards Dewpaw. "Oh, you are visiting me." He said. It was his day where he had to go on a Hunting Patrol. "I am." Said Dewpaw. "Great." Said Deepclaw. Deepclaw was talking coldly today, like he was evil. "Deepclaw?" Said Streamstar. "Oh yes." He said. "Can I have a minute with you?" Deepclaw looked confused. "Ok." He finally said. Streamstar brought him to her den. "What is this about?" He asked. "Why are you talking so, 'coldly' today?" She asked. "Oh." He said, lashing out his claws. "So I could do this!" Deepclaw sank his claws into Steamstar`s pelt, biting her neck. "Stop that!" Said a voice. It was Waterleaf, the deputy. Waterleaf tussled with Deepclaw. Streamstar had the chance to get up. "Deepclaw!" She yowled. "I`m okay." Said Waterleaf. Dewpaw jumped in. "What are you doing!?" "Its not safe In here!" Yowled Streamstar. Ripplekit played in the nursery, along with her littermates, Coldkit, Fadekit, and Dripkit. "I`m the ShadowClan warrior!" Yowled Coldkit. "We will defeat you!" Yowled Ripplekit back. Sealeaf; their mother; looked at them. "We cant play right now." Ripplekit looked up. "Look! A fight!" She squealed. Sealeaf shook her head. Deepclaw tumbled off the edge. "No!" He landed hard on his back, breaking it. His spirit was sent to the Dark Forest. "Just bury him." Said Streamstar. Drippingfur took her order, carrying him outside camp. "Why did you do this!?" Yowled Dewpaw in confusion. "I`m sorry, but hes evil." Was Streamstar`s reply.

Chapter 2Edit

"Why did he have to be." Said Dewpaw. Streamstar looked at his body, wishing he hadn`t been evil, too. "Deepclaw was a loyal warrior." She said. "Maybe Shadestream told him to join the Dark Forest." "Shadestream?" Said Dewpaw. "Who is he?" "He was a member of RiverClan." Replied Streamstar. "But he was born evil." Dewpaw looked at Streamstar in surprise. "Really?" She asked. "Really."