Current Clan RockClan
Past Clans None
Age 15 moons
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Living
Names Kit: Cloudkit
Apprentice: Cloudpaw
Warrior: Cloudfrost
Mother Morningcloud
Father Risingsun
Siblings Rainstorm, Smokecloud, Sunshadow
Mate Unknown
Kit(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) Frozenwind
Apprentices Fennelpaw
Stories Living Unknown
Stories Deceased Unknown
Owner whiskers
Cloudfrost is an achromatic, or albino, she-cat.



[DRAFT] Small, fluffy and soft furred, short-furred, dainty, slender, very very pale skin, blue eyes with pupils that turn pink/red in sunlight, thin snow-white fur, bright pink nose and paw pads, tiny and soft paws.


[DRAFT] Shy, Quiet, easily frightened, secretly a bit nostalgic, intelligent, friendly, easy-going and down-to-earth, a bit too naive for her own good.


Because of her unfortunate mutation, Cloudfrost's skills are limited when it comes to hunting and fighting. She seems worse at the latter due to her poor eyesight and coordination because of her eyesight. She appears to actually be a decent hunter, and surprisingly, one of the best during the winter at night. During winter mornings, she can hardly go outside, due to the brightness of the sunlight on snow. But during storms or night, she can easily sneak up on just about anything. Her light-weight makes her paw steps inaudible, and her white pelt blends in easily with the snow. Sure, Cloudfrost's eyesight is very poor, but her sense of smell and hearing are extremely sharp, allowing her to hunt.
With her greater sense of smell and hearing, Cloudfrost prevails in unusal skills that most don't tend to think about. Her keen sense of smell makes her one of the greatest trackers in RockClan, allowing her to track prey or enemies for miles, as if she's some sort of hound. Her stealth, if it wasn't for her pelt, would be phenomenal as well. Her light weight makes her soundless, and in the dark, she can easily track others, since her eyesight is...better then. Her sense of smell and hearing also allow her to locate others in dark areas, as if she's some sort of bat.
Most wouldn't consider her social abilities a skill, but...Cloudfrost and her family does. Cloudfrost is extremely social, and holding a conversation with her is quite easy. Once past her shyness, talking to the sweet little albino is almost soothing. Calming down others is one of her greatest abilities, as well as being very diplomatic. Becuse of how diplomatic she is, and because of how well she gets along with others, most consider her a great possible leader with her peaceful nature.



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  • At some point, she will become a very major character.
  • She will have kits, and one of her kits will have a mutation as well.