Cavernstar is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Clan CaveClan (Formerly), StarClan
Age 62 moons at death
Cause of Death Killed by Galaxystorm
Status Deceased
Names Leader: Cavernstar
Queen: Cavernstar
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mate Berrywhisker
Kit(s) First Litter: Wolfcry, Raccoonmask
Second Litter: Galekit
Adopted: Galaxystorm
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentices Galaxystorm
Stories Living Unknown
Stories Deceased Unknown
Owner whiskers
Cavernstar was a fluffy black and white she-cat.



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As an adult, Cavernshade lived an average life, although she seemed to strive for greatness. She worked hard and picked up extra patrols and work, hoping to prove herself as a possible canidate as a future leader. However, all of her hard work earned her something else: the highest ranked warrior as a mate.
Although Berrywhisker had a great amount of affection for Cavernshade, she did not share this feeling of love. She took him on as a mate only because of his strength and perfection, in hopes of producing fine kittens with him. She had only one goal: make CaveClan the strongest clan. That meant her as leader, hand-picking the strongest cats to be warriors, and allowing toms and she-cats to have kits only if they were fit enough.
And then, the unexpected happen: both Thornstar and the Clan's deputy passed away. So it was left to a vote: who'd lead CaveClan? And Cavernshade, only 14 moons of age, was selected as leader.
She lead well, and didn't follow through with all of her plans. She let any cats become mates, she let a few weaklings in...but her personal plans remained. She attempted to have kits with Berrywhisker, only to fail, and then resorted to adopting...once an odd she-kit was dropped off: Galaxykit. Cavernstar saw something in the little kitten, and immediately adopted her, snatching the kit up before any queen or expecting molly could.
She allowed the queens to nurse the little kitten, but Cavernstar herself acted as leader. Her reign as leader ended up being shockling short, the leader stepping down to care for Galaxykit...and make her the most powerful cat anyone had ever seen. She let her deputy (Pebblestar) take her place as leader.
She did not treat the kitten as her daughter, rather, her personal apprentice. Ever since the kit opened her eyes, Cavernshade worked hard on her adopted kit, but her lack of motherliness only turned the she-kit cold...especially when she did the unthinkable: held Galaxypaw back as an apprentice for many moons so she could train even longer.
Eventually, Cavernshade finally had a litter of her own, raising them until they were apprentices...but hardly interacting with them. She ignored her litter most of the time, leaving Berrywhisker to nurture and show affection for Wolfkit and Raccoonkit. Cavernshade only focused on Galaxystorm, training her even more once she became a warrior.
Until she snapped.
Sick of being treated like some sort of weapon (and having a lack of emotions), Galaxystorm became insane and turned on Cavernheart, killing the former leader.


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