CaveClan's Founding Edit

CaveClan was founded by a loner named Quartz, who had a cloudy white pelt. He at once was owned by Twolegs but rebelled, and found the wild forest. There weren't many cats, plus it was leaf-bare and deaths and sickness surrounded Quartz. He needed to find a place to stay and didn't dare go back to his Twolegs. It soon got so cold for him, him had to seek shelter and he found a large, beautiful, warm, snug cave to sleep in, which later became the first camp for CaveClan.

Realizing he could never survive on his own, he called some loners and rogues to a meeting to see if they would join him. Many declined but still some joined. Quartz had lived a difficult life but still pushed on. He wanted to name his group but didn't know what to name it. Soon enough, StarClan cats came down to him and told him of an omen that would happen in a few short moons. Quartz asked to know what was happening but the StarClan cats left him without an answer. Quartz panicked that it was something bad and overworked his helpers. As the first bud of new-leaf appeared, it was when the omen showed. A bright light shone inside the cave.

He knew it was a sign that his Clan would be known as CaveClan. Soon he realized he wasn't the only Clan in the forest, he found out that three other cats formed Clans too. Those Clans were ShadeClan, DawnClan, and RockClan. Quartz knew at sometime there would be fights. But that united the Clan as well and made them strong so every full moon, there would be a Gathering, where the Clans would meet in peace.

Leaders Edit


Quartz is a cloudy white-gray tom with crystal blue eyes.










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