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Bramblestar—dark brown tabby she-cat with a black tail-tip. 7/9 lives. Roleplayed by: Brams


Firepoppy—golden-brown tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by: Patch

Medicine CatEdit

Leafsedge—white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Brams

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

Spiderpaw—dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Roleplayed by: the rising cure


Shimmerheart—silver tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by: Whiskers
Rabbitflight—light brown tom. Roleplayed by: Patch
Anglertooth—smoke black tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Patch
Ripplestrike—black tom. Roleplayed by: brams
Fernstorm—yellow tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Patch
Tanglelight—gray and brown she-cat. Roleplayed by: Patch
Darkstorm—dark grey tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Whiskers
Mintspots—silver spotted tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Patch
Rockfoot—mottled grey tom. Roleplayed by: Patch
Galaxystorm—black she-cat with tiny silver specks. Roleplayed by: Whiskers
Wolfcry—fluffy black smoke tom Roleplayed by: whiskers
Heatherdusk—long-furred pale ginger-and-white she-cat. Roleplayed by: the rising cure
Carpheart—pale tortoiseshell-and-white tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Autumnheart—golden tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Mink
Grassclaw—golden tortoiseshell she-cat Roleplayed by: Patch
Stagleap—smoke mink tom. Roleplayed by: Whiskers
Spottedshadow—handsome spotted tom. Roleplayed by: Patch
Lizardfang—brown tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Mink
Peppershade—smoke tortoiseshell she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Seastorm—pale spotted tom with darker lynx points. Roleplayed by: Whsikers
Rainface—pale smoke tortoiseshell she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Mayflywing—brown tabby tom Roleplayed by: Patch
Sagefrost—pale lilac tortoiseshell she-cat. Roleplayed by: Aphro
Larkear—dark brown classic tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Aphro
Fallowflight—light brown sokoke classic tabby and white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Aphro
Whitetooth—long-furred white tom. Roleplayed by: Aphro
Sparkwave—blue-gray tom with white speckles Roleplayed by: Blue
Wigeonsplash—diluted tortoiseshell she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Hawkflight—black tom. Roleplayed by: brams
Swallowheart—dark brown tabby she-cat with a white chest. Roleplayed by: brams
Turtletail—chimera tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink


Redpaw—russet-ticked tabby tom. Mentor: Grassclaw. Roleplayed by: Patch
Dewpaw—dilute tortoiseshell-and-white she-kit. Mentor: Galaxystorm. Roleplayed by: Mink
Snowpaw—white tom. Mentor: Shimmerheart. Roleplayed by: Mink
Ghoulpaw—black smoke tabby tom. Mentor: Larkear. Roleplayed by: Mink
Spiritpaw—white she-cat with a black tail. Mentor: Peppershade. Roleplayed by: Mink
Lichenpaw—tortoiseshell tabby she-cat. Mentor: Ripplestrike. Roleplayed by: Mink
Graypaw—silver-shaded she-cat. Mentor: Spottedshadow. Roleplayed by: Mink
Twigpaw—black and white tom with a white dorsal stripe. Mentor: Sagefrost. Roleplayed by: whiskers
Petalpaw—pale snowshoe tortoiseshell she-cat. Mentor: Lizardfang. Roleplayed by: whiskers
Darkpaw—black she-cat with silvery-white flecks. Mentor: Mintspots. Roleplayed by: the rising cure


Shorewillow—smoke tortoiseshell she-cat. Expecting Viperclaw's kits. Roleplayed by: Mink