This is a page for cats that have been adopted

RockClan CatsEdit


Name: Falconkit/paw/cry/Falcon/Falconcry

History: Kit, (Past) Apprentice (Past), Loner (Past), Warrior (Current), Older Warrior (Later), Elder (Later), StarClan Warrior (Later)

Family: Whispheart (Mate) Waterdrop (kit) Stormriver (kit) Dazzlekit (kit) Runninngwater (kit)

Gender: Tom (Male)

Description: Small, slender Orange cat with blue gray spots and yellow eyes.

Personality: Smat cunning

Past Owner: Wolfblaze

Adopted By: Shore


Name: Meadowkit/paw/bee

History: Kit (Current) t apprentice (Later) Warrior (Later) Older Warrior (Later) Elder (Later) StarClan Warrior (Later)

Family: Stoneblaze (Mother) Creekfrost (Father) Sharpkit Blazekit  (Brothers) Darkkit (Siister)

Gender: She-kit/cat (female)

Description: Blue pointed she-cat with white specks and yellow eyes

Personality: Smart brave shy 

Past Owner: Wolfblaze

Adopted By:Patchfeather


Name: Stormkit/paw/river

History: Kit (Past) Apprentice (Past) Warrior (Current) Older Warrior (Later) Elder (Later) StarClan Warrior (Later)

Family: Runningwater (Brother) Waterdrop Dazzlekit (Sisters) Whispheart (Mother) Falconcry (Father)

Gender: Tom (Male)

Description: Big and strong gray and white cat with blue eyes

Personality: Smart, calm Rule-bound

Past Owner:  Wolfblaze

Adopted By: Percy

CaveClan CatsEdit

Lilyflower Edit


History: kit, apprentice, warrior

Family: Mate: Stromriver (later, forbidden love)

Gender: Female

Personailty: Calm, Kind, Sweet

Past Owner: User:~xXPatchfeatherXx~

Adopted by: Whiskers

DawnClan CatsEdit

Rosestar/warrior nameEdit

Name:Rosestar (Will need a warrior name)

History: Kit, apprentice warrior deputy leader (Will be a warrior)

Gender: Female

Personality: Unknown

Past Owner: Blue

Adopted by: Whiskers

ShadeClan CatsEdit



Hstory: Kit apprentice warrior


Personality: Unknown

Description:Brown with green eyes.

Past Owner: Hollytuft Wolf

Adopted by: Patchfeather

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