If you have a roleplay cat who you no longer wish to roleplay with, please put them here. If you wish to have your cat back after they've been adopted, you must contact the new owner, and if they want to keep them, then you cannot force them.

You cannot change the backstory, personality, family, appearance... etc... of the cat you've adopted. There is no lmit to how many cats you adopt, as long as you can keep track of them and they're all active.

RockClan Edit

  • Acornwind - Warrior. Mate of Cinderblaze and father of Badgerkit, Snowkit, and Nightkit. Personality unknown
  • Cinderblaze - Warrior. Mate of Acornwind and mother of Badgerkit, Snowkit, and Nightkit. Personality unknown
  • Sparkpaw - Apprentice. Her mentor was Slatestar/stream and her family and personality is unknown
  • Silverrain - former RC deputy. Family and all unknown.
  • Scorchclaw - son of Waterdrop and Smokestorm, brother of Dazzleheart


  • Flowerpaw - Apprentice. daughter of Gingersnap and sister of Echopaw. Personailty is fun-loving and serious.
  • Pepperpaw (CC) - Apprentice. Daughter of Shorewillow and Eagletalon. Personailty unknown. Sister of Lizardpaw, Risingpaw and Pineconeclaw
  • Sagefrost - Warrior. Family & Personality is unknown.
  • Larkear - Warrior. Family and Personality is unknown
  • Autumnpaw (CC) - son of Pebblepelt and Rainstrike, brother of Sunfire, Brooksplash, Anglertooth, Jaegercrouch, and Ripplestrike
  • Fallowflight - n/a
  • Ashshadow - mate of Sandclaw. All else unknown
  • Willowwing - Sister of Shimmerheart and Wildpaw


  • Amberkit - (would be a warrior by now) daughter of Morningpelt, personality unknown
  • Morningpelt - Mother of Amberkit. Personality unknown


  • Shadowstreak - former ShadeClan warrior. Daughter of Fernstorm and Lavastep, sister to Tanglelight. Personailty is unknown
  • Ren - loner/rogue. Planned mate to Slash. Personailty is unknown. Brother of Kishan
  • Kishan - former DawnClan warrior. Mate of Vaporheart and brother of Ren. Personailty unknown
  • Joltclaw - former DawnClan warrior
  • Oec - Kittypet. Personailty and family unknown
  • Jess - Kittypet. Personality and family unknown
  • Hazelkit - All unknown
  • Stonenose - Former member of Wolf's group.
  • Tanglethorn - Former member of Wolf's group
  • Falconwing - Former member of Wolf's group
  • Birchface - Former member of Wolf's group
  • Vaporheart - Fomer DawnClan member. Mate of Kishan. Personality unknown
  • Starfrost - loner/rogue. Her mother is deceased Millie and sister of Sandy, her aunt is Scarlet, whom is caring for her
  • Nightkit (SC) - n/a
  • Citrus - kittypet


  • Rockkit - Son of Shorewillow and Wolf, brother of Seedheart and Moletail
  • Blazeheart - Son of Stoneblaze and Creekstar, brother of Sharpstone, Meadowbee, Darkfrost, Nightshade, and Fennelkit. All else is unknown. 
  • Raptortalon - father of Stoneblaze and Vulturepaw, and mate to Frostsong. All else is unknown
  • Frostsong - mother of Stoneblaze and Vulturepaw, mate to Raptortalon. All else unknown
  • Quartz - CaveClan's founder. All else is unknown
  • Vulturepaw - brother of Stoneblaze and son of Frostsong and Raptortalon

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